Monday, January 26, 2009

Brrrrr... Cold

This was yesterday.

And this is this afternoon.
There is still a little snow left,
but it is even colderrrrrr...
I can't get warm.

For some reason it feels colder now
than it did when we had several feet of snow.

We didn't go shopping!
We'll go next Monday.
And I think I have figured something out
so I won't need extra material.

No sewing today.
I'm back in the planning mode.

Instead, I'll share a photo of a treasured chair
given to me by a dear friend.
This chair had been in her family since
around the time of the suntan specials
which started up in 1927 and operated until 1940's.
On Sundays the train carried people from
San Jose to Santa Cruz's beach and boardwalk.

She said either it came from a hotel
her family had owned in the Santa Cruz mountains or
it had been a family piece.

I don't know the age of the chair.
I don't know if this design of chair has a name
or if it was mass produced.
But, I do know I love the little chair.
People must have been smaller and lighter then because
I don't think it would stand up
to use as an everyday chair these days.

The chair is not really little.
I just think of it as little because it is light weight
and seems fragile compared to modern chairs.

I haven't done anything to it
except try and keep the dust away.


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