Sunday, January 04, 2009

Love and Hugs!

Look at all the lovely goodies
on the snack table.

It looks
so festive!

And here is the star
of the evening.

Is that a beautiful turkey
or what!

It tasted even better than it looked.

Master chefs
at works!

Those were great
mashed potatoes.

Where's the gravy?

Need any help?

Happy Camper!

What is this?

Merry Christmas!

Where is everybody?

At Last...
I told you I was going to get a photo
of Dolores and her quilt.

she lovely!
What a cute smile!

Is someone tickling her behind the quilt?

We had a lovely Christmas, but as always the time went by too quickly and it was soon time for us to brave the roads and weather and head off for home. I do have more photos but I'm still not exactly sure about what I can post or whether I can use names or not. I know my daughter doesn't want anything to do with being on the blog. 

I still haven't figured out why some photos will enlarge when you click on them and some won't. I'll keep checking. I did finally find the About Me profile on the side bar. I had stuck it down at the bottom and it didn't show up... so I put it on the sidebar and even added a photo. I will eventually get a better one or at least a different one for my profile photo.

 What do you think about putting your whole name, city, and recognizable photo on your blog? I live in a tiny town and don't really want to become known as the lady who has "that blog." It must be easier in a city where you can kind of disappear.

I have planned this blog to be fun, informative, and eventually to be a journal that I will have printed and thus it will have a more permanent life than if it existed solely on the net. After all it could all go poof into the ethernet. I found a site that will scrapbook the blog. Take a look at the site and click on the pages and turn through the sample. Pretty neat, huh, and more fun than just getting the blog turned into a book.

Enjoy your day.



Tanya said...

Welcome to blogging! I still don't understand why the pictures enlarge sometimes and why they don't so if you find out let me know!
As for names and addresses and things. I think it is too large a world for people in your town to find out you blog (unless you tell them) but still some people want their privacy. I let my name and town name be known, but I haven't put my whole address on the blog.

Tanya said...

Hmm. I can't get my comment to post... Oh well. Welcome to the blogging world! By the way you are on no-reply for comments. I think you change that setting on the dashboard of your blog...