Friday, March 23, 2012

Puppy Days

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Morgan says, 
"Happy National Puppy Day" 

One of her favorite spots to keep an eye on things 
is to relax on the stairs 
and watch the world through the windows. 

Great views from up there. 


Snowy Footprints

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Morgan dragged me over to the fence and spent a long time 
sniffing the mysterious footprints. 

The critter seemed to go right through the fence. 
We never saw the footprint maker. 

More rosti for dinner. 

I'm so bad. 
I still haven't fixed the flag. 
I think I'll wait until the sun comes back. 
We are due for more rain... snow? 

3 eggs today 


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 20th - Spring Equinox - 1st Day Of Spring

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Balance an egg on the Equinox???
I tried and tried and tried to balance an egg on its pointy end. 
But couldn't do it! 

Kristine came over and said, 
"Give me the egg. I can do it!" 

Morgan stopped by and said, 
"Mom, she is tricking you!"

Sure 'nuff! 
Kristine pulled a fast one! 

Maybe our chickens lay eggs that are too pointy to balance? 

I'm writing this post on March 12 
and will keep trying to find an egg that I can balance 
and post a photo. 

Maybe an egg that looks like the egg in this Snopes link and video 
will help me with the trick. 

Click on this link... 
for lots of information and a video.

I tried several days but couldn't get an egg to balance.

Last night the snow looked like this on the porch.

At noon today the snow is starting to melt a bit.

I need to get outside and fix the flag.

2 eggs today


Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's Still Snowing!

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This morning. 
The ladder stays there all year. 

The chickens ganged up on me 
when I took them warm water and checked to make 
sure they had a lot of feed. 
Noisy bunch! 

There has been way over a foot of snow. 
It snows, rains a bit, hails, and then snows again. 
It's still snowing. 

2 eggs today 


Thursday, March 15, 2012

We've Got Rain!

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And that is an actual rain puddle! 


Morgan can hardly believe it... 
Well, really... she just wants to get back in the house. 
She is not at all enamored of the wet stuff. 

But, I'm very glad we are getting some rain, 
because either we get a lot more rain 
or we are lined up for a very scary fire season 

So, I'm hoping for more rain and even snow. 
We get Spring snow sometimes.

Rain, Rain, Rain,
keep coming!!! 

3 eggs today 


Monday, March 12, 2012

Fence Decorations

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The top of my little garden fence 
is the graveyard for the gardening tools that break.
I broke two rakes today!
I'm going to have to try and fix some of these tools.

Morgan denies digging this hole!

Here are the holey hens! 

Sometimes it looks like they are trying to dig up the oak trees. 
Maybe they are truffle hunters? 
Truffle hens? 
Are there truffles in California? 
They love digging around oak trees. 
Maybe there are oak tree grubs? 

1 egg today 

Today I changed my comment setting to 
Google User
and I will try out replying to your comments 
by adding a comment close to yours.

So, check the comment you left for my comment
hopefully close you yours.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Photos Of Chickens In The Woods

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The chickens hurry out of their coop in the morning to get to the corn. 

What's up?
They are passing the corn and heading across the driveway. 

Must be some good eats under the leaves. 

Now what? 

They are heading down the path I just raked. 

Oh... they are scratching and looking for snacks. 

I guess they think I scratched away the leaves just for them. 

Hey... it's a corner girls, you are supposed to turn right. 
Must be a good spot. 

Oh dear... 
they are covering up my path. 
I'll take a rake with me on my morning walk. 
All the paths need to be made wider before I get my bike. 

1 egg today 

PS... Daylight Savings Time Tomorrow


Friday, March 09, 2012

Rosti And Peppers And Eggs For Breakfast

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Yes! An egg for breakfast!
Usually, the chickens lay in time for lunch.

Last year a kind blogger sent me a recipe for rosti.

While the peppers and tomatoes cooked,

I grated the potato

and cooked the potatoes in butter. 

I forgot to cover the pan and wait for the golden crust, 
but the rosti tasted great anyway.
Thanks, Bill

Bill kindly sent me the recipe for rosti
and the link for his YouTube video showing how to make rosti.

I need to watch the film again!
I met Bill, on his wife's blog,
A wonderful blog!!!

Thank you again, Bill.

4 eggs today


Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Rush Out Of The Chicken Pen

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Open The Door And Stand Back!

The chickens make lots of noise in the pen,

but as soon as I open the door

they hurry to see who can be first. 

The smart hens stay behind for a snack or 
the pick of a choice nest box.

The rest of the bunch make a rush for sunny places to warm up. 
I head back in the house to warm up.

I boiled 2 potatoes for 10 minutes tonight and left them to sit overnight.
I'm going to try and make rosti for breakfast tomorrow.

2 eggs today
Eggs and peppers!
Fresh eggs are the best!


Happy International Woman's Day - Reproductive Rights... Gone?

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We fought for these rights a long time...
What's happening?

Reproductive Rights On The Way Out?

What are these men thinking?

I didn't even know there was an 
International Woman's Day...

I saw the Google Doodle, 
clicked on it, 
and searched around to find some information.

This has been going on for more than 100 years.
I am so not in the know.

Here is an article about 
or you can do a search... there's lots of info.

I'll be back to post later in the day...

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Three Nest Boxes Full

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Shhhh.... very quietly I opened the nest box door...

This Light Brahma, Pastey, doesn't want my company.

The Australorp, Hen Roo, doesn't want any attention either.

Screamer won't even stay in the nest box.
Laying eggs is a private affair.
See you girls in an hour or so... 

When I checked back later, 
I moved the three eggs down to the large nest box 
and set them next to the three wooden eggs 
so I could get a photo.

Each of the three nest boxes on top 
have two wooden eggs.

The hens seem to like sitting on the fake eggs. 

I haven't seen the mysterious 
egg thief... no broken or scratched eggs.
I hope it is gone for good.

It was cold and icy this morning 
but I let the hens out and they had a great day 
turning over leaves and the wet soil.
Looks like a rototiller hit in places.

3 eggs today


Monday, March 05, 2012

Dead Tree Branch

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Another dead tree branch landed in the driveway 
and blocked Kristine's exit.

I had to go back to the house and get my gloves
while Kristine held on to Morgan.

I counted at least 5 more large tree limbs 
that are ready to fall.
I do wish we didn't have any of these old oak trees. 

Here is another unusual happening...
The pot of ivy has some new pot mates.

Every so often I dump old tea leaves in the pot 
along with the left over tea.

And these leafy long stemmed volunteers 
are the result.
Rather amazing they survived the boiling water 
and the tea packaging process.
Wonder what they are?

I'll let them grow and see what happens...

3 eggs today


Sunday, March 04, 2012

Patchwork Snow

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Very happy fat chickens!
They were so glad to get out of their pen 
that they started scratching up the ground 
as soon as they got outside.

Looks like I cleared the snow away, but it melted like this along the path
yet not under the climbing dome.
Very interesting.

No snow here. 

Today I figured out that walking around the perimeter 
of the 3 acres 3 times
would equal a bit over 1 mile. 

I think that's right.

This snow will stick around for awhile.

The myrtle doesn't care if it is covered with snow 
or not... it just likes to have water.
Amazing plant.
It survives through the hot dry summer too.

2 eggs today.
I hope the chickens remember 
to head back to the nest boxes tomorrow and
not lay their eggs in the woods.

I'm listening to
The Girl Who Played With Fire
Wow... intense book!