Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lazy Day

This was a lazy, cold, Sunday.
It snowed last night 
and left a light covering
that is still outside in places.

I sewed a bit on the quilt and then stopped
when I suddenly realized that I needed to
use the pieces as patterns for cutting.
sewing on the border strips would make it harder
and I don't need harder.

Tomorrow the plan is for us to go
to the quilt store.
I'll try and remember to bring my camera
and get some photos.

These are some patterns I've made.

We don't have a rooster anymore
and never did have one that was mean,
but this sign made us laugh
so we bought it and put it in the coop.
The hens don't mind.
I guess you have to be a chicken person
to find the humor.

This is my new sewing storage.
I need to put the wheels on it and
organize my sewing stuff.
I'm a new quilter so I don't have
very much "stash" and
The plan is to keep my stuff to a minimum
because I only have a small sewing area.

Daughter is happy
because she gets her storage drawers back.

The last photo is of a wreath I made
for us this Christmas.
It is still hanging outside and looks good
so it can stay  up until it dries out
and gets ugly.

Then I'll take it apart
and show you how I put it together.


I'm going to go make myself some hot chocolate.
I'm cold.

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