Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Fabric For Quilt Number Four

My older daughter wants me to make her a quilt. So, I promised that the first quilt I make in the new year will be for her. ( I need to make a quilt for my younger daughter, too.)

My older daughter loves Japanese fabric
and I must admit
that the more I see and handle
these fabrics
I too am falling under their spell.

I am not at all sure if any of these come from Japan,
but they are surely inspired by Japanese art.

Today I picked up a quilting book I had ordered that deals exclusively with Japanese fabric and quilting. It is titled: 
by Kitty Pippen
ISBN 978-1-56477-297-8

Click on the underlined title of the book and it will take you to a page on amazon where you can leaf through a few pages and see some of her quilts.

Kitty was born in China and was 80 when she wrote her first book. The quilts in the book are lovely and they have given me lots of great ideas.

Although I would love to take some photos of the book 's cover and the quilts inside and post them, the book says that no part of it may be reproduced in any form... so that's that.

Just now, when I was finding the link above, I noticed that she has another Asian quilting book. I think I will have to order that one too!

Here is the fabric
we have! 

Aren't these carp

Be sure to click on the photos to see as much detail in the fabric as you can. 

Blossoms, Cranes and the Moon

More fabric with scenes of the moon, flowers
and grasses
These fabrics have a silvery frosty sheen to them.
And these are extra gorgeous!
Unfortunately, my camera skills
don't do any kind of justice
to these fabrics.
They are vibrant with color, gold and silver!

And here are my first attempts at making a design for the 
Japanese quilt.
For some reason blogger is trying to be helpful by turning
this photo on its head.
I keep turning it right side up, but this is the result.
Silly thing.

I made these patterns for the quilt
before I got the book.
I like my overall plan.

I'll keep you updated on
my progress
with the "Japanese Quilt."


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