Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Reading And Rain

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No snow but the rain is very welcome. 
Yep, that is really rain coming down out there.

Just spent a lazy day finishing reading 
A Phryne Fisher Mystery 
Death By Water 

Very enjoyable book! 
I love watching the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries. 
An Australian TV series. 

This is the first Phryne Fisher book 
that I have read and I must say that the TV series 
has accomplished one of those rare feats 
where the TV series is as good as or better than the book. 

Kerry Greenwood is the author of the books. 

I'm very glad I found this author's books


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Light! And A Fan!

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Comments Lost!
I apologize for lost comments.
Both my computer and the iPad went wonky.
They froze and after I unplugged one and it booted
back up only one comment was published.
The iMac came back online but the others are
still questionable as to whether they will work.
I'll tackle the other computer tomorrow.
Maybe the comments will be there?
Internet connection problem?

This new fan will be much appreciated this summer 
and for now the light 
is wonderful when sewing. 

Lovely bright light!
Next on my list of things to do is to get curtains. 
Curtains for the window and the closet/bed alcove. 
That is a closet there where I put a twin bed. 
Photos will follow after I put up the curtains. 

It's raining!
Rain! So welcome. 
In fact there is supposed to be rain off and on for five day or so. 
Well, there would be snow if we lived a bit higher up 
but who knows what may happen. 
I would love to post a photo tomorrow of snowy trees. 


Friday, March 21, 2014

Wow! Today Was Almost A Summer Day!

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But not quite
because it is cold in the morning, afternoon and night.

There really is snow back there, honest.

Today I tried again to get a photo of the snowy mountain tops but
clouds had showed up by the time I arrived.
I'll try to get a photo tomorrow in the morning hopefully
before the clouds show up?

Click on the photo to see an enlarged view.
Lately I've been posting photos from my iPad and not thumbprints from my
old but loved camera.

I checked in at the antique shop today and the lady said
that she was going to be getting
access to around 400 tea cups, amazing!
Hope the lady who collected all the tea cups and saucers
also had some teapots in the collection.

I really, really want a tea set.
You know... cups, suger/creamer, teapot, tray, all the stuff
you need to serve a proper tea.

Wonder what she will find?


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cutting Down Small Trees

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Yep. I spent part of the day
cutting down small trees and stacking brush and branches.

One pile of brush.
I stacked it next to the gate.
Because I thought it would be easy to load in a pickup
but there are lots of piles of stuff all around the acreage.

Morgan is looking pretty good.
She is getting old and has been through a bad spell
but she is on antibiotics and aside from being a bit dirty
she is doing pretty good.

She doesn't get to run around in the woods anymore.
We put a halt to that after she swallowed a rock
and we had quite a time getting that taken care of.

Tom said he has someone who is going to come
and haul stuff away. Yay!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy First Day Of Spring

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The sun has been out and it has been cool but sunny and that has made all the difference to my energy level. Since there has been sunshine I have been outside working in the forest thinning brush and small trees, raking leaves and piling up branches and debris that had fallen during the winter. This winter I have been a hermit. No sun means not much activity on my part.

Raking leaves is one of my favorite Springtime duties. Not really something I have to do but something I enjoy. I love being outside working amongst the trees. Better than exercise in a gym. I'll post some photos tomorrow of some of the piles of brush I have stacked up.

Last week during my regular Friday stop at the local antique shop I found this little Hen On Nest. Now she is filled with coarse kosher salt. I like being able to add a pinch of salt as I'm cooking. I think I use less salt since I can actually see how much I'm adding instead of just shaking salt over everything.

Filling the Hen On Nest with candy would also make me happy but wouldn't do anything good for my quest for a slimmer waist. Maybe I could put jelly beans in the chicken at holidays?
I just like looking at the Hen On Nest. She makes me smile.