Friday, January 02, 2009

What day is it?

- but, but, it's Jan 2 and the persimmon post says Jan 1-

I am finding out all kinds of stuff about blogging...

1.  The :) doesn't make a smiley face-

2.  I don't know how to get rid of the underlines yet in the
persimmon post-

3. And evidently the date you first save photos to your post is the day it says when you publish the post, because, I just published the Persimmon Butter blog and it says Jan 1.,
but it is really Jan 2

I thought I could get a head start on editing my posting. Oh well.
I put in the photo of the persimmons on Jan 1.
That was a no no.

I will go ahead and post a photo of something. Excuse me while I go check.

View from the loft.

Here is my very first quilt.
The wedding quilt in the making.
What you see is the backing fabric (right side to the floor)
taped down on the floor.
Then the batting was taped to the backing.
And then the pieced top is taped to the batting.
I used blue painters tape.

Wow... that took a long time, to get the fabric and batting laid out tight,
(but not stretched,)
so that it had no bumps, etc.,

I could baste it all together.
That took me 2 days.
Give me a break... I'm old.

I used my table for the other two quilts.
(the beige and the blue and yellow)
But the floor method
works the best for me.

I don't use a hoop or frame
so it is important
to have the everything nice and smooth.

Tomorrow I hope to do better with this blogging, edit, posts, business.


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