Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Company Coming!

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This darling girl and her family will be stopping by tomorrow

for a visit at grandma and grandpa's house.

Lucky us!


Monday, February 04, 2013

New Keyboard And Magic Mouse

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Not the greatest photo but I love the new keyboard
and the magic mouse is so neat!

My old USB mouse allowed me to click on things
but the other features were out to lunch.

This mouse is amazing!
And I love the way the keys feel when I'm typing on this keyboard.
The keyboard reminds me of the keys on a laptop.

there is the possibility of a new display that will have a camera.
I think the display I have now is just fine except that there is no camera.
So, if the store can find a monitor with the old connection
we will get it for sure.
The new displays have a DVI connector and I don't want to have to
have work done to upgrade the computer.
So, I hope there is a new older display out there for them to find.
Maybe on a shelf in the back somewhere?

Tom also stopped and got a Valentine's Spring themed flag.
I'll have to take a better photo tomorrow.
The wind was blowing and it was very dark.

Also, Tom brought home chocolate!


Sunday, February 03, 2013

Dinner For One

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Waiting for dinner

of canned dog food and kibble.

Last year I had photos of our dinner out at
Cafe Vista to celebrate our anniversary.
How things and taste change!
Tonight we opted for
Chicken burgers, fries and coleslaw at home.
Mmmmmmm... Yum!

Morgan wearing her new muzzle

with more nose room.


I'm using the keyboard viewer on the Mac to type this post..
I hauled it on top of the photos so I could
Grab capture the online screen keyboard
And show you what I'm clicking on.
It really is great to have this on screen keyboard
built into OS6.
Wish I had a touch screen.
I'll have to finish up onBlogsy
because the caps lock isn't working.
Happy 45th


Saturday, February 02, 2013

Tea cup accident!

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Tea cup accident!
I fell asleep at the computer watching a
Last Of The Summer Wine show
and knocked my tea cup over.

The keyboard is not working just right.
Hope it will dry out and be ok tomorrow.
I'm typing this on my iPad and using Blogsy to post.

Morgan's new crate and water dish.

She sleeps in it sometimes when she wants

but I haven't left her in the crate with the door closed.

Morgan tonight asleep in her big bed.
she likes the bolster sides to use as a pillow.

Short post tonight!

Friday, February 01, 2013

6 More Weeks Of Winter

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According to Morgan's shadow
on this Groundhog Day
there will be 6 more weeks of Winter.

Don't believe in the prediction necessarily,
but it is a fun tradition.

This tree has kept a lot of its Fall leaves.
I had to try and capture
the leaves shining like gold in the sunlight.

Most of the oaks have lost all their leaves
and look bare and dark.

Morgan is still doing well.
She wants to sleep a lot and not take
very long walks but she is feeling better.

Tom brought home Chinese dinners and
a beautiful apple pie
from Ikeda's.
to say
Happy Anniversary!

Hard to believe but in two days
we will have our
45th wedding anniversary.