Friday, April 24, 2015

Out Walking

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These were blossoms I saw while out walking Morgan today.

The first photo is of myrtle
and the bottom photo is of thyme blooming.
Plants with purple flowers
seem to do best around here.

Last night it rained a little bit
and we had some very loud thunder.
I didn't see the lightning because I was in bed
pretending I was asleep.

Today I had a scare when my computer screen went black.
After I could find the apple and do a force quit 
on a game that had gone wonky
the computer woke up again.

The screen was totally black so I couldn't see the mouse pointer.
But I moved my mouse around and the pointer
finally bumped up into the menu bar
at the top of the screen.
The menu bar popped down!
I clicked on the apple and then force quit.
Force quit all open applications
And I got my desktop back again!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

One Of Five

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Kristine sent me this photo


She has been in Japan for almost three months
and she said there have only been five sunny days.

This was a sunny day worth waiting for!

I asked her if she went inside the temple but she said no 
that it was blocked off.
At least the day she visited.

Wish we had some of Japan's wet weather.

I went to the quilt store today and
bought batting and backing fabric for two quilt tops.

Then I spent some time in the store using their tables
pinning the layers together.
Making a quilt sandwich.

Tiring work but much easier to do using tables
instead of crawling around on the floor.

I still have two quilt tops to sew together.
Then I can go do this again.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Flowers Or No Flowers?

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This year my little green garden is still green.
And I haven't watered it at all.
Since the garden is mostly in the shade during the day
everything has managed to stay fairly green.

Last year I enjoyed having lots of flowers.
But this year with the cut back on water usage
I will hopefully be able to have at least
one pot of flowers?

I will use reclaimed water from the house
to water the pot.

I'm going to have to get a bucket
and come up with a plan
to save water to use for watering plants.

I hope the ivy can make it through the summer
without needing watering?

Morgan is feeling better.
Still haven't opened the Dragon box.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Guilty Dragon Life Feelings

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I have guilty feelings.

this little box has been sitting in that spot
for over a week.

I haven't even opened the box to take a peek.


Yes, I bought the software so I could begin recording
my life story.

That sounds pretentious but the girls
want me to write down
about my life.


I started writing/typing
and got to about chapter six or so.

And it all started to seem too hard... too much to deal with.

I think I know why more people don't do this life story stuff.

It is hard to deal with the negative in your life.

And even the good bits can be emotionally trying.
Oh yeah!

So, I thought that speaking instead of typing 
would be easier.

Except I haven't opened the box!

I am sooooo bad.


I'm hoping that by posting about the 
sitting behind my computer
I will be shamed into taking action?

Open the box!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Camera Shy

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I tried to get a photo of the 4 hens
before it got too dark
The hens saw the camera and started to run away.

All except for the buff brahma.
She was confused and ran around in circles.
There is an australorp around somewhere.
She may have gone to roost already.

I'm looking forward to getting some chicks soon.
I really miss having freshly laid eggs
available for breakfast.

Wonder what these old ladies
will think of a batch of young chickens?

Had to take Morgan to the vet today
to have her ear infection seen to.
They flushed the ear, packed it with lots of meds
and we don't have to do anything
except bring her back for an appointment next week.
Pretty neat!

Much better than the old method
of swabbing and applying ointment, etc.
Morgan's happy. She's asleep.

Doctor's visits are tiring.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A gift For Me

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A present from me to me.

I don't remember if it was for Mother's Day
or my Birthday.

But I wanted something to cheer up the garden.
Since it is pretty bleak out there.
No watering will be going on this year.
So things are going to get even browner.

Except I hope the herbs manage to survive.
I've read that they like dry rocky places.
It is certainly going to be dry
and the soil here is not the best.
Hope they will be happy.

There was a light rain last night.
Hope that happens more often.


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Closet Evolution

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The little closet became

a cozy bed.

A special spot for my granddaughter 
on her visits.

Or for me to catch a nap.

Don't know how long the space will remain a bed.
I think she will grow out of wanting
a little bed.

I will likely want my storage spot back.
And the curtains will probably
end up on windows
that need them.

But it was fun to put together.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Antique Treasures

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Don't remember if I posted photos
of these finds.

My new treasures!

Found the jewelry box and stamp holder
in our local antique shop.

I was looking for something that I will use.

That's my rule...
I can't buy the item unless I will use it.

No, on buying stuff
that will just sit around gathering dust.

Used to do that.
But not anymore.

I always enjoy rummaging  around in antique stores.
And making up stories about the life of items.

The lady at our local antique store 
now sells the stuff I no longer want. 

And I can go visit my old stuff
while it waits around for someone to discover
their new treasure.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Hands Off Bread

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This is no touch no knead bread.

It just sat around for a day and a half.

And got bigger and bigger.

There are lots of videos on YouTube
on how to make this kind of bread.

And here it is baked and sliced.

Cinnamon Raisin bread.

Didn't touch the stuff until I sliced it.

Pretty neat!


Tuesday, April 07, 2015

It Snowed!

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Last year on April 1st it snowed.

This year on April 7th it snowed!

Two snowy events in two years
along with a few other sparse snow sprinkles 
points decidedly to California's drought.

Personally, I do hope that predictions
of a little ice age
will come true.
Could happen?

Not a popular prophecy
but I can dream.

I would rather deal with too much water
than have to search for and haul it.

Dealing with an unpredictable water truck
is not any fun at all.

We had to haul water when we lived in the
Santa Cruz Mountains
when the well would go dry part of the year.

Really, do not like thinking about not having water.

I hope this is the beginning
of me posting regularly again.

I'll try to find something to post about.