Thursday, December 09, 2010

My Favorite Christmas Movies

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Here are my favorite Christmas movies:

  1. 1. An Affair To Remember YouTube - An Affair To Remember Trailer
  2. White Christmas YouTube - White Christmas Theatrical Trailer
  3. Miracle On 34th Street YouTube - Miracle on 34th Street (1947) Theatrical Trailer
  4. It's A Wonderful Life YouTube - It's a Wonderful Life Part 1
  5. (2)Scrooge YouTube - Scrooge the Musical (1970) Part 1 --  Scrooge 1951 YouTube - Scrooge (Alastair Sim) #1
  6. Die Hard YouTube - Die Hard (1988) Part 1
  7. A Christmas Story YouTube - A CHRISTMAS STORY trailer
  8. The Bishop's Wife YouTube - - 1 - The Bishop's Wife (1947)
  9. A Charlie Brown Christmas Trailer YouTube - A Charlie Brown Christmas Full Movie Trailer
  11. (3) Desk Set YouTube - Desk Set 1957 Part 1 Gig Young, Joan Blondell, Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy
  12. (1) A Childs's Christmas in Wales YouTube - A Child's Christmases in Wales - In HD - Part 1 of 6 - From JK_Pro On PS3
  13. The Bells Of St. Mary's YouTube - Trailer The Bells of St Mary's -1945- (Re issue trailer)
  14. Meet Me In St Louis ? YouTube - Meet Me in St. Louis - (Re-issue Trailer)
  15. March Of The Wooden Soldiers YouTube - March of the Wooden Soldiers (1)
  16. Babes In Toyland YouTube - Laurel & Hardy - Babes In Toyland Theatrical Trailer (1934)
  17. The Nutcracker ---  YouTube - Rudolf Nureyev. The Nutcracker. 1/10  --- YouTube - Baryshnikov Nutcracker 1
  18. Bachelor Mother YouTube - BACHELOR MOTHER [1939 TRAILER]
  19. We're No Angels - 1955 - Bogart - We're No Angels - YouTube - We're No ANGELS 1989 (Part 1)
  20. The Thin Man YouTube - The Thin Man Trailer (Powell, Loy)
  21. Meet John Doe YouTube - "Meet John Doe" Part 1
  22. Love Finds Andy Hardy YouTube - Love Finds Andy Hardy Part 1
  23. Theft of the Royal Ruby YouTube - The Theft of the Royal Ruby {1/4} YouTube - The Blue Carbuncle
  24. Tom and Jerry - The Night Before Christmas YouTube - Tom and Jerry - The Night before Christmas [HQ]
  25. Home Alone YouTube - Home Alone Trailer
  26. The Shop Around The Corner YouTube - The Shop Around The Corner (1940) - 1/10
  27. Remember The Night YouTube - Remember the Night (1940) Pt.1
  28. Holiday Inn (1942) YouTube - Holiday Inn 1942 part 1
  29. Moonstruck YouTube - Moonstruck - The Movie [01/11]
  30. Muppet Christmas Carol YouTube - A Muppet Christmas Carol Part 1
  31. Holiday YouTube - Holiday - The Movie 1/13
  32. RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous) YouTube - Trailer - 2010
I'm going to take some Christmas vacation time
away from blogging.

I'll be back after the holidays
if not before.

No eggs.

I think it is too dark, cold and wet for the chickens
to lay eggs and it is probably good
for the hens to take some time off
from egg laying.

And I think it will be good for me to take some time off too.

Happy Holidays


Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Remembering December 7, 1941

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In memory of Pearl Harbor

I found this video while searching for Christmas videos.

I was born in 1941.

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow.

The chickens are fine, penned up
and not laying.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Rainy, Sleepy Day

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I'm fighting off a cold. Rain today. I slept.

December 5th Christmas Movie:

click to watch trailer on YouTube

I couldn't find the movie on YouTube.
This is a fun movie!

click to watch a 60 second Christmas Story by bunnies... 


Back tomorrow.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Chicken Scratch 4, Chicken Pellets 0

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 The hens have voted with their feet and beaks. The scratch always wins over pellets. The hens can empty that small feeder of scratch in one day.

I don't know if the hens care about having a dry pen, but I sure do appreciate not having to walk around in chicken pen mud.

I just had to take a photo of the only snow I could find. No mud. Only the chicken pen gets muddy because of all the bedding stuff I put down.

The rest of the place has such good drainage that it takes a very big rain storm before we even get puddles.

I did hand sewing today
and find that I miss it.
I found a photo of a hexagon quilt online
that I would like to try.

First I will need to make
a hexagon pattern out of plastic.
That should be fun.

Christmas Movie
December 4th

click to watch on YouTube

I love watching Fred Astaire dance!
This movie always leaves me with a smile on my face.
This is not a PC movie, but I love the music and dancing.
And Bing Crosby and Fred are easy to take.
White Christmas is a remake of this movie.
I like Holiday Inn better.

(December 4, 2009)
Gee, last year I got 3 eggs.

[0 eggs today]
I think the chickens are on strike
until I let them out of the pen
so they can free range.


Friday, December 03, 2010

Snow's Almost All Gone

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Today the hens had their breakfast served on a big blue lid. They seem to like their food best when they can get their feet into it and dig a bit. Finger food?

I moved the last of the wood that was stacked on the porch inside and stacked it in the entry. Not much left. It's not so cold so maybe I can stretch this for a day or two?

I'm not looking forward to hauling wood from the shed. Hope Tom comes home tomorrow. Hauling wood is a lot easier for him to do than me.

We got the sign, "Cut your own firewood and it warms you twice," a few Christmases ago and it's true. But getting hot and sweaty moving wood when the temperature is low is not a good thing. Then I'm just hot, sweaty and cold.

I like cold weather better than hot weather, but I'm missing the sun. Dark dreary days wear on me and I find it all to easy to want to fold up and do nothing.

It would be so neat to have a little sun of my own that would hover overhead and follow me around. That will probably be an invention in the future. A personal weather controller that you could set to your ideal light and heat conditions. And it would probably come with cell phone, internet, camera, and other cool options.

I'm enjoying watching movies everyday to make sure they are still on my list of favorite Christmas movies. What I remember about a movie is not always true. Time has a way of distorting memories and in my case mixing up and combining parts of movies I haven't seen in a long time. I enjoy Desk Set more every time I watch it.

Christmas Movie
December 3rd

click to watch on YouTube

I like Katharine Hepburn
and this movie reminds me of the Christmas Parties
when I worked for a bank in the 50's.
I wonder if companies still host Christmas Parties?
In the 80's it was the employees who
organized the parties.
I guess it depends on the company.

I went to a few of the parties, but ended up not going to them because I was embarrassed to be around people at work that had been behaving badly, sadly or poorly. People really shouldn't drink at Christmas parties if they are going to be rude or drink until they're sick. I guess the saving grace for them was that they didn't remember and if they were lucky no one told them of their blunders.

The brainy machine reminds me of the early bank machines we had that read magnetic strips on each account ledger. It was a step up from Bob Cratchet's bookkeeping... that's for sure. It seems that I missed a lot of the 60's and late 50's working in the bank basement. When I got up it was dark and by the time I got home it was dark. Weekends were filled with doing all the stuff I was too tired to do during the week. I missed out on all the hippie flower children '60's stuff. Sigh...

(December 3, 2009)
The leaves were still on the oaks last year.
So, leaves still on the trees is normal.
Snow and rain earlier this year.

[0 eggs today]


Thursday, December 02, 2010

Rain Today To Chase The Snow Away

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Two orpingtons eating scratch out of the goat grain feeder. I like to use this feeder because it has metal hooks on the back side that fit over the metal on the fence... and the chickens can't tip the feeder over when they jump in it or roost on the edge.

Beautiful blue sky yesterday morning! I took the photo to make a record of the fact that the oak trees still have at least half their leaves after the rains, snow and freezes. I want the leaves and the dead branches to come down!  But not when I'm there.

Those oaks are very tall. I'm pointing the camera almost straight up to take this photo and those seemingly little branches are like the 15 footer (or longer) that I showed in yesterday's post.

Now that it's raining (the rain is coming down hard) I sure hope it washes away all that horrid frozen snow. 

Kristine brought home Thai food for dinner. There was brown rice and a vegetable soup that was quite spicy. At first I thought it was too hot, but the rice cut the heat and I am acquiring a taste for the seasoning.

The Christmas decorations are still in storage and will remain outside until there is a break in the rain and the porch is a safe place to walk.

I'm very glad I stacked all that fire wood on the porch this year. Not having to make my way out to the shed and haul wood was a very good thing. When the rain lets up, filling the stack back up will be a #1 job.

I'm still sleepy. I plan on trying to sleep tonight instead of staying up and keeping the wood stove full. The rain has brought the temperature up to 50ยบ. Lucky me!

Christmas Movie
December 2nd

click to watch on YouTube

This is a new find for me...
with Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray

A hoosier Christmas with a twist.
I like movies that leave me with good feelings.

I was going to post Moonstruck (with Cher) as todays Christmas movie, but YouTube has deleted several of the parts. I can find the beginning and the end and a few in the middle. Hope someone uploads it again. I love watching Cher, the story is neat, reminds me of Tom's Italian family, it has a happy ending, and it takes place at Christmas. Moonstruck is probably online somewhere.

Answer to the Last November Riddle is:
A Path

(December 2, 2009)

[0 eggs today]
I made the chickens up some warm pellet mash.
Chickens still penned and probably will be for
a week or so because it is raining and will be 'till next week.
Kristine brought home a bag of scratch.


Snow For December 2010

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This orpington would rather scratch up feed than eat the scratch out of the feeder. She would much rather be scratching around out of the pen, but it is still too cold and wet to leave Morgan out all day watching the chickens.

Behind the feeder on the left there is an australorp going in the coop through the opening I left open under one of the windows.

Most of the snow has melted where it is in the sun all day, but there is still frozen snow in shady places... like the porch.

Kristine just came in and asked me if I heard the thud. Thud? No. Turns out that she let Morgan out, turned around to shut the door and thud!

Morgan was laying on her side on the Sierra Cement trying to get up. And she has claws! Poor baby. She is ok. I hate trying to walk on that frozen snow.

When Kristine asked if I heard a thud I thought she meant that another tree fell over. Not unusual for trees to fall.

On my one trip outside today I came upon this tree limb that fell during this snow. I put my walking stick on it for size comparison. The stick is near five feet, so the limb is around fifteen feet.

I don't plan to be spending time outside until we have a good wind storm that will knock the rest of the dead branches down. It's a bit creepy walking around under the tall trees knowing there are dead limbs just waiting to fall.

I was up all night again keeping the wood stove filled and watching films on YouTube. I also made a list of over twenty five Christmas movies. I'm looking forward to watching some old favorites and finding some new ones.

And I need to remember to keep my mouth shut when I go out. Or remember to put a muffler around my neck and mouth. My teeth ached for half the day from breathing with my mouth open when I was outside. It didn't feel that cold, but ouch!

Christmas Movie
December 1st
For each day of December this year I'm going to watch
a Christmas film of some sort.
Some old favorites - some new.

click to watch on YouTube

A new film for me to start off the month.
I liked the film, but couldn't understand all the words.
Don't know what people in Wales would think of it.

(December 1, 2009)
Last year I tried leaving up the Christmas decorations
for a few months,
but ended up taking them down.
This year we will leave them up until the grand children and family
come for a second Christmas.

[0 eggs today]
The tarp I put over the chicken pen
has cut out a lot of the sun light into the coop.
I think the loss of light has contributed to 0 eggs.


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Snowy Last Day of November 2010

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Some days I find a hen all snuggled up warm and cozy in a nest box.

But today all 15 hens are out and about in their pen looking for something.

Most of them have their new feathers and they are all full of scratch and pellets.

It is so cold I'd have thought the chickens would have all stayed in the coop where it is relatively warm compared to outside.

The windows are open to let the sun shine inside the coop to warm it a bit. I leave the windows dirty so the hens don't try to fly through them and break the glass. That still happens once a year or so.

The snow looks so soft and puffy, but it is frozen solid. What we call Sierra Cement, and it is very tricky to walk on because it is slippery and it will break when when you least expect.

I like stomping around in the snow when it's soft, but I don't want to have anything to do with this stuff.

The people and doggie footprints were made soon after the snow first fell.

A trip out to the shed and chicken coop once a day to feed and water is all I can get myself brave enough to tackle.

I really don't want to take a spill on this stuff and break myself. Sometimes, I take my walking stick with the metal point and stab it in the cement so I have a better chance of keeping my balance.

What I feel like doing at times is getting down on all fours and crawling to a place where I can find something to hold on to. But, I don't... crawl, I just walk very, very slowly and carefully. I hate Sierra Cement!

Someone gave Kristine these beautiful Birds of Paradise that were blooming in the snow.

They are lovely, but dangerous! I turned around next to them and got stuck in the eyebrow. So, I turned all the pointy birds to face away from the edge of the counter.

I manage to survive walking outside, but the flowers almost take me out! Sigh...

I haven't been doing much, except trying to stay warm and sleep. Can't sleep when I''m cold and I've been staying up all night so I can keep the wood stove full.

We heat the house with the wood stove, so when the fire goes out there is no heat and this place cools down quickly.

Hot chocolate, quilts and afghans, and wearing a knit cap helps a lot towards keeping me warm. But, I am sleepy and it seems like I'm repeating myself.

I've been waiting for it to warm up a little so I can start putting up Christmas decorations, but I don't think the warming up part is going to happen for a while. I'll just have to bite the bullet and go out and brave the cold and haul in the Christmas boxes. Tomorrow?

November - Last Thankful Quote

The road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And wither then? I cannot say.
~ excerpt from "The Road Goes Ever On (Song) by J. R. R. Tolkien

I am grateful for my paths
and being able to get around and make them.

I find that for me there is something magical about paths.
Love my paths!

Last Riddle: From house to house I go, sometimes narrow, sometimes wide. And whether there's rain or snow I always stay outside. What am I?

The answer to November 20th's riddle: Fire

(November 30, 2009)

(0 eggs today)

Here is the cute little black Australorp
who is laying the occasional egg.
Thank you, little black hen!
I really, really don't like the store bought eggs!


P.S. This is the second time I typed and published this post. The first one had the spacing all wonky and I couldn't fix it. I think the additional spacing happened when I reopened the editor several times to fix spelling errors and to change words. Goofy editor!