Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Holly and Danny's Wedding

This is one of my favorite photos of the wedding!

I just added it again because
the other photo will not enlarge
when I click on it
and I never even touched it... 

Holly and Danny
have just been pronounced man and wife!


This post will be long on photos and short on text.
My niece said it would be fine
if I posted photos of her wedding, so here goes...

These photos are out of order
but I am afraid to move them
because I don't want to break the links.
(so you can click on them and enlarge the photos)

If you want you can start at the bottom of this post and work back up.

Holly and Danny are married!
The music is playing the neatest
song while they  stroll away.
Wish I knew what it was. 

And if you look closely you can see the bride's sister
arranging the bridal train so
Holly will be all set and ready for the stroll.

First wedding kiss!

"... now pronounce you man and wife!"

Hug for the mother of the bride.
While proud and happy
brother and sister gaze with love.
I guess the other fellow is
Danny's best man?

Holly pool side watching her brother and niece goof around in the water.

Aren't Holly and Danny cute!
(oops... I don't know if they want to be cute?)

Here is beautiful Holly opening shower gifts.

And here are a delicious pie and cake all ready for the shower quests!
I got that photo just before the knife hit the cake.

The family stayed in this house before the wedding.
Holly and Danny wanted to make sure
all their loved ones
were together to celebrate
their wedding.

Holly and Danny
exceptional loving people!!!

Pretty neat view from the house.
The pool is directly below the veranda.
We all had a wonderful time.
I only wish I could have been there longer.
Someday I will have to post about
my road trip to the wedding.
Oh, yes...



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