Friday, January 23, 2009

Time for a Tea Break!

(click on photo to enlarge)

Cutting this fabric up has made me very tired.
I need tea...

This quilt layout that I made in OmniGraffle
is the general plan  I followed
when I cut into the beautiful fabric. 

But first I changed out to a new blade
and stored the old blade in a case labeled "used."
I put old sewing machine needles in there too.
Sometimes, I can use them instead of nails to hang a picture.

First I laid out the fabric with the color I think
will work between the pieces.

Then I began cutting.
Cutting up these fish was not fun.
I didn't have enough material
to make a mistake.

I did it!
Here the sections are laid out in the order I will sew them.

I tried to cut the pattern so that the dark
water would flow across the width of the quilt.

Next step is to cut the green fabric for borders.

I started with the fish because
the size of these sections will determine
the size of the rest of the sections.

This piece is all that is left of the beautiful carp.
I will try and work it into the quilt somewhere.
For awhile I was afraid that I wouldn't have enough fabric
to make up the four sections.

Glad that's over.


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