This was all working out well
and then the California drought happened
and I stopped using water outside
to garden.
But it is raining again (Jan. 2017)
so I hope to be back
planting in my garden again.

Link: Hugelkultur - Knoxville Permaculture Guild
This site has photos. You can search online for more information.

Here are a couple of photos of my little green garden. Some years I do plant a few flowers and once in a while a rose or two actually show up, but usually I am lucky if I can keep green plants alive through the hot dry summers and the cold winter months. I'm happy with the greenery! I did build some planter boxes in the brick area and plan to fill them soon so I can have them ready for Spring.

I built planter boxes in my little green garden. This project is still at the beginning stage because I am waiting for Kristine to complete her gardening class so we will be able to utilize all her new information when we fill and plant these boxes.

Here are the first photos of my adventure into the world of Hugelkultur:
The first step I took was to lay down some pieces of logs that had been around the property for about ten years. The wood is well on its way in the decaying process.

Hugelkultur link to a page with photos.

Since it was due to rain the next day I left the wood uncovered so it can soak up some more water. It has snowed today (3/10/10) and I plan to cover over the snow with some dirt or bedding compost from the chicken pen as soon as the weather clears a bit.

I shoveled on some more snow and leaves after I took this photo (3/11/10) and as soon as the weather gives me a chance I will put on some dirt, compost, and sticks.

(5/6/10) More layers and photos to come.

I need to take more photos. These beds are full now and I'm getting ready to plant some herbs.

I'll post more photos when I get these beds planted. I have them full of soil now and need to add more. Maybe I can plant some Fall/Winter plants? (9/15/10)

Wow... this planting has taken me a long time:
8/2/12 - Beds finally planted the way I planned.
Check out this link to one of my posts for more photos of the finished beds.

Here are a few more photos:

After I cleared away old berry vines and weeds that had
taken over the beds I turned the soil and made trenches down
to the branches...

and soaked them and the bottom of the beds since I hadn't been watering them and I was worried that they had dried out.

There is very good drainage in this area.

Then I added compost and soil that I got at the nursery.

Raked the soil and got it ready for planting.

The smaller bed I planted with herbs.

I covered both of the beds with deer netting.

And I used clothes pins to hold it in place.

Much easier for me to move the netting when I want to
work in the bed.

The large bed has winter carrots, kale, lettuce, potatoes, and onions.

This last photo shows some beds that I was working on to let settle over the winter.

When more soil from the nursery is added in the Spring they will be ready for planting.

Two of the small beds are set directly on the dirt surface.
It will be interesting to see next year how much of a difference
there is between them and the growth of plants in the hugelkultur beds.


Spring 2013