Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Favorite Christmas Movies - December 2012

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Here are my favorite Christmas movies:
Warning: some of these links may not work.

Visiting with family so may not post until middle of January.

Merry Christmas To All

Monday, December 03, 2012

Timber! Oops... Fence Dented

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On our walk this morning... 

Morgan and I came upon this problem.
Yes, the fence caught a tree branch.

This is a branch from one of the neighbors trees.
The fence is kinda squished.

I tried to get a photo of the branches that are way, way 
up toward the tops of the trees
but my little camera can't really get a good picture of them.

But take it from me they are really high up.
When the branches fall they look like small trees.

Here is another one.
Nice... this one missed the fence.
I don't walk around out here when the wind is blowing.

I was a bit tired after our walk and settled for a quick breakfast.
A little bowl of raisins, walnuts and a piece of candy!
I usually just settle for nuts and raisins
but Christmas candy is too tempting for me to pass up.

Kristine says I don't have any will power.
I do.
My will said, "Have a piece of chocolate!"
So, I did!

While the weather was sunny this morning
Tom went down to pick up chicken feed and he got boots for me.

I was so happy that they turned out to be Muck boots!
Gee! And I hadn't even asked for Muck boots.

I wanted some and looked for them online to find a store near us
but couldn't find a store listed that carried them.
So, they were a big surprise.
Morgan wasn't impressed at all.

Happy Holidays To You!


Sunday, December 02, 2012

Morgan's Pink Raincoat

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There were many missed opportunities today to take a photo of Morgan
wearing her new pink raincoat and beige muzzle.

I laid the raincoat,  leash and muzzle out here to dry.
I guess I am so glad to get in out of the rain
and relieve Morgan of the muzzle and wet raincoat
that taking a picture just doesn't register in my memory.

Morgan is yawning

Morgan wants to get inside, get dry and get in bed.
She is eating, drinking and even produced another poo.
Things are looking up!
But no rocks showed up yet.

I'll try to remember to get a photo later tonight.
But it will be dark so I may wait until tomorrow.

The muzzle works great!
Morgan can sniff and root around under the leaves all she wants
and I don't have to worry she will eat anything.
She's happy. I'm happy.
Makes for a relaxing stress free walk for both of us.

Last walk of the day
Morgan is all ready to go for her late night walk.
It isn't raining for a change but the raincoat will keep the chill away.
I like the way the raincoat keeps the leash attached at the top.
Keeps it from getting tangled under her feet.

Poor Morgan.
The muzzle does look uncomfortable
but she doesn't fight wearing it and has only tried to swipe at it a few times.
And since she can sniff around wherever she wants
wearing the muzzle is not a high price to pay.


Another Day At The Vets

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Well, not all day but it felt like it with all the time
driving to and from the vets plus the time spent there.
Morgan had a check up and an x-ray
with another x-ray scheduled for next Saturday.

This was Morgan this morning.
Not chipper at all.
So, I called the vet to find out if I should continue the medication.
She had been recovering from having the anesthetic
until I gave her the medicine.

So the bad news is the rocks are still in her tummy.
The good news is we stopped the medication
and she had a poo!
1st one in 4 days.
Cause for celebration!

And some other good news is that I remembered to ask for another
collar to keep her from licking her foot.
We also stopped at the pet store
(big sale day)
and I got Morgan a new bed with bolster sides.

I set it on top of her old bed
with another little bed on top
and she is very happy.
In fact, she hasn't left it except to eat and go for walks.
I think she had a tiring day too.

I don't think she is enjoying taking walks in all the rain either.
I did get her a new raincoat.
Picture tomorrow...


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Morgan At The Vet Clinic

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Yes, Morgan was at the vet clinic all day!

But now she is home recovering from her ordeal.
I'm sure she is very glad to be home sleeping on her bed.

She had her teeth cleaned.
She was microchipped.
She had tests.
And she was x-rayed.
And she has medicine to take for her sore throat.
She already has medicine for her foot .
Poor Morgan.

The x-rays found that
Morgan has two rocks in her stomach.
No wonder she had her tummy upset.
She has a sock on her foot because I forgot the collar at the clinic.
The sock will keep her from licking the foot.
I need to find a muzzle of some kind to keep her from eating rocks
and licking.
I've got a muzzle packed away somewhere.

Tom and I spent the day browsing through stores.
I bought myself some earphones for Christmas.
We looked for an artificial Christmas tree but didn't find one we liked.
So, we will use our old one again this year.

Top of my agenda tomorrow:
1. Find a muzzle
2. Put up Christmas decorations!
3. Be extra good to Morgan!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rainy Day Photos

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Migraines and rain.
These are my reasons for not posting for a few days.
The rain is not bad but the migraines take a while to recover from.
This is a photo of my current read and the book light I use when the power is off.
Yes, the power was off today.
I took this photo this morning when it was still fairly light outside.
I took the photo of the book with the curtains open in the afternoon.
It got dark early.
This was a goodbye photo of the Thanksgiving decorations.
I took them all down before the power went off,
The plan was to then put up Christmas decorations
but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Morgan is going to the vet to get her teeth cleaned tomorrow.
Her foot is healing now that she can't lick it anymore.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Blogging From My IPad

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Today I'm starting this post by opening Safari and Blogger on my iPad
and posting just like I normally do on my computer.

The only thing Blogger won't do on the iPad is access the iPad photos.
I'm going to leave Safari and open this draft up in Blogsy and add a photo.
I tried the Blogger iPad app but there were no formatting tools.
At least I didn't see them.
And I didn't see the iPad photo albums.
Blogsy is a bit intimidating at first but after using it and finding out where
and what things are
I think it is a terrific way to post.

I love being able to just drag the photos onto the post where I'm typing.

And if I need some help I can click on the gear at the bottom right and a little window pops up
And about half way down I can click on
How To videos, FAQ or a How To Guide.

Now that I have posted from Blogsy a few times
I find that it really is easy and fast.
The only problem was getting past that initial learning curve.

From now on any photos I take with the iPad will be posted using Blogsy.
No more switching back and forth from the computer to the iPad.
I only did that because I wasn't sure of what I was doing.

The chickens are out again today.
Tom said a few of the hens were eyeing the deck
but they didn't try to get through the railings.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Autumn Has Truly Arrived

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These beautiful trees greeted me when I went outside this morning.

After I walked Morgan
I came back out with my iPad and took these photos.

Later I started this post on Blogger and then opened up Blogsy
on the iPad, found this draft and dragged in the photos,
posted the draft on Blogsy as an update, closed Blogsy,
opened up Blogger
and there were the photos!

Then because I forgot to size the photos in Blogsy
I clicked on the photos and checked medium in Blogger.
This whole process is getting easier and faster!

I can do the whole post on the iPad
but it is easier to type on the computer.

 I have noticed that these photos from the iPad are not thumbnails
and will expand to large photos
if you click on them.
They will take up a lot of storage space in Picassa too.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving week!
Not me.
I'm staying home with the chickens.

Today was the first day I let the chickens roam free on the property.
I would have taken a photo
but the chickens look horrible.
They are molting!

If you want to see molting chickens click here.
 Poor things.
I hope their new feathers grow back in a hurry.'
The chickens are off in the woods and haven't come near the deck. 


Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

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Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving day.
It was wonderful to be with family!

I was going to post a bit of our celebration
but got distracted
and by the time I went out to take photos
it was getting dark except for the backyard at the gathering.
So, here is the Autumn colored photo!
Such a peaceful colorful yard.
Reminds me of home.
This photo is on my iPad.
To get it posted in this post I am going to have to open
this post in Blogsy
drag the photo into the post and publish the rest of the post
from Blogsy.

Getting the iPad and using it to post
was supposed to be an easy and better way to post.
I do hope it does get easier as I become more familiar
with this process.

I have typed all the text so far on the computer.
Now I am going to save and close and open this draft post
up in Blogsy and add the photo.


I just added the photo above
And now I'm going to add a photo I took on the drive
down the mountain
with the iPad.

It was a beautiful day!

It's late so I'm going to publish.

Hope you all have a great rest of the week!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Post From My Ipad

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Morgan is a smart girl and she is sleeping.

I'm sitting in bed trying to figure out how to post a photo

I just took on my iPad on my blog

from my iPad.


If I can get this photo

and a little bit of text posted

I'll think of it as a success.






Well, I'm back on the computer

to check out how this iPad post looks

and I can't say much for the size of the photo


there is a photo and some text.

So, I guess it counts as a success?


I'll have to search around some more and see

if I can't find out if I can size the photos.


Well, I'm happy I got this far with the iPad blog posting.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Have A Wonderful Day!
I'm back using blogsy
and I changed the size of the photo to fit.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Painting On A Rainy Day

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It's raining again.
Before it started raining this morning
I swept Kristine's deck clear of leaves.
Morgan helped.

Then I painted this wall.
Well, I finished painting it.
The rest of the walls are much too high for me to reach
even with the tall ladder.
Someone else it going to have to paint the hight spots.

And once I got up on the ladder to paint this part
I could see all the cobwebs stuck on the beams.
I wonder if there are cobweb police?
Those beams are way too high for me to vacuum.

12 years ago Tom was going to take down this lovely 
stained glass shade

put up this one.
The hanging shade was made by my sister-in-law
and was supposed to be given back to her.
Well, better late than never.
I hope.

After painting I built up the fire and rested a bit.
Love the fire!

Heated up leftover Chinese food for dinner.
That was easy!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Yesterday And Today

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We had a long walk this morning.

I took a photo of that middle tree that is covered in moss.
Most trees only have moss up about 3 or 4 feet.
There is a big dark patch where a lot of bark and moss
got popped off when the tree was swaying in the storm.
Well, at least that's what I think happened.

We stopped by to say hi to the chickens
and I checked to see how the pumpkin shells are doing in the compost.
I need to chuck some dirt over them.
I think I may let the chickens out on Thursday.
It's supposed to stop raining by then.

Here is Morgan sleeping at my feet last night
while I was using the computer.

Poor Morgan.
She is very good about wearing the collar.
She even sticks her nose in the opening so I can tie it on.

Morgan had been licking her right front paw and was very sneaky about it.
She licked off some of the hair and now 
you can see her skin and there is a scab.

So, she has to wear the collar.
And take antibiotics too.
She will be going back to the vet to get her teeth cleaned.
She had a physical too.

You just never know what's going to happen
from one day to the next.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rainy Day And Leaky Boots

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Today was another lovely rainy day!

The woods smell wonderful in the rain.

I enjoy walking in the rain but not with leaky boots.
My solution is to put plastic bags in the boots.
I pulled some of the plastic bag out of the crack in the boot
so the hole would show up in the photo.

I really use plastic bags to make the boots easier to get off an on
but it also works to keep my feet dry. 
I need new boots!
Boots with fleece lining would be good.

I noticed the new black metal flag pole in the corner
when I was putting my boots away and decided
to find the Autumn flag and hang it up.

But the new flag pole
won't fit the old holder so the flag will have to wait
until I get to the store. 

I'll keep the flag in the corner with my walking stick
until I can buy a new holder.
I thought the black flag pole would compliment
the black deck railings.
The old wooden flag pole was showing signs of age.

It was another lazy rainy day.
No cooking.
I heated leftovers up for dinner.

If it lets up raining for a bit tomorrow
I may be able to get some painting done in the loft.


Thanks Diane
I took off the word verification.

First Really Good Rain

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I'm late typing this post so this will be short.
This is the first really good rain we have had for a while.

On our morning walk the rain was really coming down
so I used the large umbrella so I didn't get soaked.

Morgan got soaked.
So I had her lay down in front of the fire to warm up and dry off.

The deck looks shiny when it's wet
but it is not slippery.
I'm glad of that fact because I really don't want to slip and fall.

Most of the leaves have or are turning brown
and soon I will be out raking up piles of leaves.
No raking until it  stops raining though.

Well, time to post this and get to bed.


Friday, November 16, 2012

My Lazy Rainy Day

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Here is what most of my lazy rainy day consisted of:
Got up late. I like to sleep when it's raining.

Made oatmeal for breakfast.
I love hot cereal on cold damp days.
Raisins make it even better.

I made enough for two servings but ended up eating it all myself.
I added a bit of butter in the middle and sprinkled brown sugar over the top.
I would have added milk but I used it up for hot chocolate.

Tom bought fries and hamburgers for dinner and cold slaw for me.
There is just something so good about eating
a burger and fries on a cold day!
I dip my fries in catsup and mustard.
Love mustard!

My project for the day was to go through 50 years of old costume jewelry.
I lost my wedding ring after the earthquake 
so that means there's just a lot of fake stuff taking up space.
But I like some of it and I'll keep those pieces.
And guess what...
I didn't even finish sorting out all the pieces I want to keep.

I did sort through and discarded some old clothes.
So, that was good.
There is a lot more room in the closet.

Morgan and I only took very short trips outside in the rain.
I keep her water bowl up in the back
so she doesn't drip water on the floor as she leaves.
Love the fire!

I spent a lot of the day playing around on my computer,
reading news, watching movies and playing games.
Don't feel guilty though.

This blog is supposed to be about stuff that happens around here
and not much of anything happened.
I enjoyed the lack of stuff happening very much.
Sometimes rainy days are like that.
If you're lucky.

There is an 80% chance of more rain tomorrow
so I might have another rainy day?

The deck looks pretty in the rain.
I'll try and get a photo to post tomorrow.
Lovely wet deck!

The chickens stayed in their coop.
They were having a lazy day too.