Saturday, December 07, 2013

Snow In The Foothills

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Woke up to a snowy day.

Lovely to look at but I'm very glad
that Kristine was able to get home before the storm.

I still need to get iPhoto updated
before I can get to my photos on the computer.

Posting from the iPad does work
but I then open the post up in Blogger on the computer
and do some editing and then post again as an update.

Mr. Pumpkin has turned into 
Mr. Snowman.

Morgan doesn't want to go out for a walk in the snow.
Me either.
It's cold.


Thursday, December 05, 2013

Pen The Kids!

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This folding wire pen was supposed to keep Morgan downstairs but served a better purpose as play equipment for the three younger children. I have other photos but I need to update iPhoto. I got a new computer and the old iPhoto won't work with the new operating system. I miss my daughter and family who have gone back home. But I was very happy they were here for Thanksgiving! Miss you all!    Smiles!
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