Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 Huggles

Wow, that's a lot of hugs.

And they are all for my lovely grandchildren.
(ask your Mom about how she made the word "huggle"

 This first post of the new year is just for them!

During our visit this summer we played at making silly faces, 

I got to hold the baby (he wasn't impressesed,)

we went to an airplane museum, and

I toured their wonderful home schoolroom.

We had fun!
Miss you guys!

I did make the lemon curd last night and
it made a great spread
for the buttermilk pancakes I made this morning.
Photos of the lemon curd tomorrow.

I am waiting for the chickens to lay some eggs
so I can make some more pancakes
and use up the buttermilk.

Hope I get some eggs...
the chickens have slowed way down
in egg production.

Have a great Day!
(Well, I started this in the day
but now it is dark out)

PS... I started this post 2 hours ago
and am still waiting for
two photos to load,
so I really will have to cut down
on the amount of photos I post.

Or Not...
Maybe I just need to learn
how blogger works...

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