Sunday, January 11, 2009

Still Cutting Out Chickens

My plan was to clear/clean out
my sewing area
before starting the
Japanese quilt for my daughter.

But, now I'm getting sucked into
this chicken madness.

I think I will just cut the chickens all out
and then they will be
ready for me to work with
when ever I want.

That way I will get rid of the fabric clutter
and just have neat chicken clutter.

I have cut out stacks of chickens!

Most of them
have a comb and underlining
pinned to them.

But I haven't matched 
them all up yet.

Here are some more stacks
that need to be cut out.

In the back you can see
some velvet I found.

Velvet chickens?

And in one bag
I found several vests all cut out!

I guess I was trying
to use up fabric back then too.

I may make them up...
or not?

Well, back to cutting.
I want to get all this cleaning and clearing away finished
so I can start the quilt.


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