Thursday, February 23, 2017

Raising Two Welsh Cardigan Corgis - Day 52

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It has been a week...
I had a birthday...
We had more rain
and even some snow.

Banner making yellow snow.
The puppies
have had their last 
series of vaccinations.

Now they still need
their rabies and
leptospirosis shots

Once they have all their
we can take them
out and about
and to puppy training
and socialization classes.

The puppies had a lot of fun
running around
in the house today.

A tired puppy
is a good puppy!


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Raising Two Welsh Cardigan Corgis - Day 45

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The deck was dry
on Wednesday.

Libby and Banner
running on the deck.

Then it rained.
The puppies are stuck
in the house again

Banner doing his circle trick
with Libby holding on to the other
side of the toy
running around the outside.

More rain forecast
until Tuesday.

The puppies at play are always

Libby and Banner
sharing the chew stick.

I've lost track of time.

Last post was on the 10th
and that was day 38.
So I'm going to go with 45.
I missed 5 days.
It felt like 2.
Busy, busy with two puppies.

I'm off to make their dinner.


Friday, February 10, 2017

Raising Two Welsh Cardigan Corgis - Day 37/Update 38

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Libby and Banner
on a bully stick.

They play quieter
when sharing
one chew stick.

When I gave them each
a chew stick
there was less sharing
and more
trying to keep
a stick for themselves alone.

Tomorrow and Sunday
the skies
are supposed to clear
and the puppies
will be able to
play outside.

I'm off to sweep
the deck
clear of
storm stuff...
leaves, branches, pine needles.


Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Raising Two Welsh Cardigan Corgis - Day 37/38

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Rain, Rain, Rain!
I love that it is raining.
But the puppies are stuck
in the house.

I'm home alone
with two puppies.

Kristine got them some more
bully sticks.

This chewy thing is neat!
Banner thinks taking care
of his bully stick
is a big 

Lots of whining and digging.
He has decided to bury
the chew stick
in the corner.

Libby is puzzled.
What is Banner doing?

I'm going to go eat dinner.


Monday, February 06, 2017

Raising Two Welsh Cardigan Corgis - Day 34/Update 36

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Come on, Banner...
I want my ears washed!


And I would like my teeth
cleaned too!

The puppies play gently 
and then can switch to
growly play.

I'm sure it all makes
sense to them.

got to go take puppies out
and then feed them
and take them out again
and again...


Friday, February 03, 2017

Raising Two Welsh Cardigan Corgis - Day 34/Update 35

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Mostly photos...
Rain again today...
Two puppies to care for...
no time...

They play rough and tumble.

Banner sneaking and then
pouncing on Libby
to get back the ball
she took from him.

They had a good time.


Update Feb. 4th

Kristine trimmed
the puppies nails today.

The deck dried off enough
in the afternoon
for the puppies to run and play.

Hope to have time tomorrow
to take photos.


Thursday, February 02, 2017

Raising Two Welsh Cardigan Corgis - Day 33

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Kristine was not well today.
And it was a rainy day.

So, I hooked the puppy fences
together and made a
large play area
where I could watch
both puppies.

The puppies had to play
inside... no fun on the deck.

Today the puppies have spent
a lot of time together.

Both of them had a good time
holding on to toys
and carrying them around.
Libby took this bone away from
Banner after they played tug.

Other tines they would race around
playing but when the
play got too rough
or loud I would stop them.

Then they would rest a bit and
start up the play again.

They are tired puppies tonight.
We are all tired.