Monday, May 21, 2012

Shadows, Morgan, Cat And Chickens In The Garden

Kristine brought a plant downstairs to put on the table to cast some shadows.
We didn't want to go outside and battle the mosquitos.
There were extra shadows, but no circles.
We had partial eclipse.

The chickens were confused and ran to their coop
This photo was taken in the morning.
They might want Morgan to come out
but I think they just want cabbage.

This is our new cat!
It's a toy.
Looks real though!

Chickens in the Garden 

When first I came down Yorkshire, 
Many years ago. 
I met with a little Yorkshire girl, 
And I'll have youse all to know, 
She was so blithe, so buxom, 
So beautiful and gay, 
Now listen while I tell you, 
What her Daddy used to say... chorus 

 "Oh treat me daughter decent, 
     Don't do her any harm. 
     And when I die I'll leave you both, 
     Me tiny little farm. 
     Me cow, me pigs, me sheep, me goats, 
     Me stock, me fields and barn. 
     And all the little chickens in the garden." 

When first I went to court the girl, 
She was so awful shy. 
She never said a blooming word, 
When other folks was by. 
But as soon as we were on our own, 
She made me name the day, 
Now listen while I tell you, 
What her Daddy used to say... chorus 

And so I wed the Yorkshire girl, 
So pleasing to me mind, 
And I always did prove true to her, 
And she proved true in kind. 
We have three bairns, they're grown up now. 
There's a granbairn on the way. 
And when I look into their eyes, 
I can hear their grandad say... chorus 

I was searching on YouTube 
for videos about chickens and gardens 
and found this song... 

I have always enjoyed folk songs. 

3 eggs today 



LindaG said...

Morgan looks like he doesn't want to leave his pillow. ;o)

Have a great day!

Anna said...

Love the new cat! Bet it doesn't eat much.

Cute song! I enjoyed listening to it.

Gill - That British Woman said...

Morgan looks comfy, or maybe just too hot for him to move?

Gill in Canada

Vicki Lane said...

Love the song!

callie brady said...

I have always said that I was very glad that chickens weren't any bigger! Those are pretty chickens.