Thursday, January 22, 2009

8 Pot Holder Blocks

(click photo to enlarge)

These are the blocks I made
out of the thin small pieces of scrap fabric
I didn't use in the quilt blocks.
The rest of the little bits of scrap will go to stuff a pillow.

Now I have no more excuses and
I have to start the Japanese quilt.
I'm still afraid to cut into the beautiful material.

Jean gave us this green and turquoise
candy dish in addition to the
treadle sewing machine.

It is lovely!
And I love it!

And here is a closer photo
of the plates off the treadle New Home
with identifying numbers.

I found a New Home site
that says that it was made in 1899.
If that is the model number?
If I'm reading the chart correctly?

At first I thought the number was
but the . was dirt.

We had rain today!

          I spent a lot of time searching the internet looking for information about the New Home treadle. I wonder if the numbers on the slider plate are really the model number or if there is a model number on the machine. I did look all around on it and on the underside, but I couldn't find any other marks. I joined a yahoo group that deals with old sewing machines and sent a post (which yahoo didn't want to do) and some photos. I hope it really got sent. I will check again tomorrow and see if they are posted The group is called wefixit.

          Tomorrow's weather forecast is for rain, which means I will have lots of time to work on the new quilt. I will be brave. I will be brave and cut the fabric.


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Marion said...

Callie, Thank you for the visit to my blog. Yes, the number on your slideplae is the serial number and it dates to 1899. Contact me and I'll see if I can send you a copy of a manual electronically. My e-mail is

LOVE the chickens! I haven't had spare time to work much on Bonnie's DD, still on step one. :(