Saturday, July 30, 2011

My New Teapot Is Naked

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How sweet is this! It is so graceful. Thank you again Mary G.

This teapot is a pleasure to pick up! The handle feels so good in my hand and it is so well balanced overall.

Poor baby... teapot needs a cozy! I think I need to make a chicken cozy.

Yes, a nice warm chicken cozy with a tail and head and wings and...

Maybe with ruffles? hmmm... a chicken with ruffles?

Box of tea... hard to see behind the handle. Lovely card and it all came in a beautiful package!

I thought the plastic container the tea came in would be perfect for holding spools of thread!

The boxes of individual tea bags are too cute to throw away.

Question: I would love to have a nifty idea come my way for a re-use for them.
Ideas welcome!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Salt Shaker Terrarium

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This is a little treasure! Imagine moss and little flowers growing in that tiny environment. So cute!

Click on this photo and it will enlarge so you can see the flowers.

M. bought this little gem and sent me a photo and said it was ok to post the image.

M. is the lovely lady who gave me lots and lots of fabric. I made the Fourth of July quilt with that fabric!

Thank you again M. I wonder if it is ok to use her name? I'll have to email her and ask. Or you can send me an email?

Next post will be of a beautiful teapot and tea that she gave me to thank me for the apron and things I made. I loved making them! I enjoyed making things for her and the hand sewing too. So relaxing!

I was very, very surprised.

I will have some questions to pose... about uses for the tea containers. I already thought up a use for the divided tea box.

I suppose I'm spending too much time setting up my Google+ but it is really fun and I enjoy working with all the new bells and whistles.

I'm looking forward to when Google combines Blogger into Google+. All the blogging, etc., will become so much faster and easier.

I really do have to get another monitor... one with a camera! I'm looking forward to using Google+ Hangout and visiting with my daughter and grandkids.


I don't see why I shouldn't have two monitors. I can have a movie going on one or a game... and visit on the other weeeeeee!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Google+, +1 And Me

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Wow! I got an invite!

I'm a social network virgin.
I tried to set up Facebook, but gave up.

I'm liking this +1

Here is a bit of info.
There are other videos about +1 on YouTube.

I may have sent you an invite.
If that was not wanted, I apologize.
If you do want an invite,
and I didn't actually send you one...
let me know if you want an invite.

I'm still clicking around on everything
getting the hang of things.

I'm hoping that my blog will somehow become a part of +1 and it will be a one stop shopping place. Well, not shopping really, but sharing, chat, video, etc. I hate having to remember different passwords and having to navigate to different sites. I hope this is home for a long while!

My +1 page is coming along nicely. I haven't quite figured out some things, but I'm working on it. What that means is that I have to read the directions. Read directions? Who me?

Oh, Wow... I just noticed on Preview that there is a +1 button at the bottom of my post. Neat!

If someone clicks on it, I wonder if it means my blog and the post or just the post will be added to their list of +1's or? So much to find out...

OK... I just clicked on the +1 and the URL for my blog and just this post showed up in the +1 list. I read that YouTube is going to have a +1 button. Now I'm on to find out about Sparks. Wish I had a monitor with a camera then I could use Hangout.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Chicken Dances

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You can tell what I have been doing...
spending too much time watching YouTube?

Dancing Prairie Chickens

Cree Indian Prairie Chicken Dance

Prairie Chicken Battle Dance

Stanford Students Chicken Dance

My chickens don't do the Chicken Dances.

Our chickens run around like these chickens.
But... no pigs!
Kinda nice they are all friends.
Maybe the pigs think they are chickens?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Library Book Bag

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I'm not doing much of anything constructive lately, but Kristine has a lot going on... one of the latest was a book bag design craft day where people could decorate a bag with crayons.

Yes, crayons!

This is the bag Kristine decorated. Lovely!

People wanted to buy it... no... she made it as an example of what the kids and adults could do.

Another neat thing is that the bag is biodegradable. In fact if you leave the bag in the sun for a few weeks it will start to break down.

I'm really hoping I get a shot of energy. I've got the Summer blahs... tired, sleepy, not interested in anything... except sewing.

I'm not even reading blogs let alone posting. I just feel sad. That's sad. Is this depression? When I was young people would just say you were lazy and you should suck it up and get on with doing things.

Everyday, I think... tomorrow!
I'll start tomorrow, but I don't.

I've been thinking I should have some liver and onions... that might do the trick?

I'n the meantime I'm going to go ask Kristine for another of her special shortbread cookies. I think I could eat a bag full!

Chicken Driver
Kristine went out to her car and found one of the chickens in her car
checking around the gas and brake pedals.

That's a lesson
in not leaving the car doors open
around chickens.
Car coop?

If you bookmark this blog, you can also use the following URL and be notified when I post.

In the Safari browser, if I put a RSS URL in my bookmarks, when a post is made a (1) shows up by the bookmark signifying that a post has been made.

This URL will show the post and photos, but not the blog.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Watermelon For Breakfast and Dynamic Views

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The chickens got some watermelon for breakfast along with their lay crumble. No pellets... the feed store was out. They sure go through the crumble much faster than the pellets.

They love the melon. They eat it right down to the outside rind.

I haven't figured out if they are eating all the crumble or just spreading it around on the ground. I would much rather feed pellets.

Surprise. I have two more broody hens. Poor girls. It is much too hot to stay cooped up in a nest box. I guess I will have to shut them out in the chicken pen.

I read about Dynamic View a bit ago, but didn't take the time to find out about how it works.

But today I spent some time and I really like the different ways a blog can be presented.

I also liked looking at my blog this way ...

If a blogspot blog has settings that allow it this will work... just type the word view after the / and you will be taken to a "Blogger Dynamic Views" page of that blog. example:

This google video shows all the different views that you can choose to view a blogspot blog.

I like the music too.

I wish there was a way to add a list of the blogs I like to read and read them all at one place. Then I might actually be able to read some of them. 

Monday, July 04, 2011

Friday, July 01, 2011

Working On Fourth Of July Quilt

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Finishing up quilting the Fourth Of July quilt and not doing much of anything else. Hope to have it done by the 4th.

I did get a lot of the paths cleared, but then it rained and thunder stormed, so I went back to working on the quilt.

I use painters tape to mark out the spacing for quilting the borders. I stitch along near to the edges of the tape.

The tape is also neat to use because it picks up any lint, threads, fluff from the batting, etc.

I suppose I could use a pencil to mark the lines, but this way there are not marks to remove.

The chickens are fine and enjoying scratching up the forest floor. Morgan would really like to get back outside. Soon hopefully.