Saturday, January 17, 2009

Good Start

(all photos are clickable!)

These are all the scraps I had left after sewing
them up into what looks like a big mess.
I'm thinking "chicken scratch."

After I took these photos I did find some more fabric bits
to add to this jumble.
I would like to end up with
enough fabric to cut
into about 20 to 30 blocks.
I think they would look good in my chicken quilt.

I left the sewing on the table and went out to get my rake
and check on the chicken roost experiment.
The wood shaving look nice and clean.
I guess the chickens slept on the roosts.

The girls are out and about in the leaves.

I finished the raking from the motor home to the gate.

And went to check on Morgan.

She is a versatile dog.
She not only herds chickens,
she also exerts a lot of effort keeping squirrels up in their trees.
She herds the squirrels from tree to tree.
Pretty neat!

OK, back to raking leaves.
Below is the before photo.

And this is 1/3 of the way finished.
If you click the photo,
you can see way down there past the table
are the rakes and a chair.
I take the chair with me
so I can take a rest now and then.

It is hard to tell in the photos
but these trees are very tall.
Some of them are over 100 feet tall.
And they make a lot of leaves!

There are many more leaves
over on this side of the property
so I resort to using what I call my leaf shovel.
It is really a snow shovel
that I push along gathering up leaves
and then push them off to the side.
Then I use the dirt rake
to finish up the job. 

Yep, it's a snow shovel.

Morgan is checking for the coyote.
I think.
There is something
over there in the woods
that she needs to watch.
A squirrel?

I'm done. For today.
The rake and leaves will be waiting for me
for the next month.
It takes a while to rake around
3 acres plus the driveway,
and around the house and other paths.
I hope it rains soon.
It is much easier to move damp leaves.

This is my "work outside in the woods outfit."
I love my boots!

Morgan wants to come in too! Please...

She has been working very hard
all day keeping the squirrels
up their trees, and keeping the
coyote and other critters
off the property.

My boots live outside next to the wheelbarrow.
The wheelbarrow is full of wood for the wood stove.

No, Morgan,
you know you have to wait
until the chickens go to bed.

Poor doggie.
I'm so mean.

But dusk is when the coyote wants his dinner.
I've let Morgan in the house
before we lock up the chickens
 and we have lost chickens to a hungry critter.

Go on, Morgan, go watch your chickies.



James said...

Have you lost any chickens during the day? I worry about hawks, a red tail flew into our yard when the chicks were little. Luckily we too were in the yard!

Callie said...

James ---- The trees on the property are too tall and close together for birds of prey to maneuver around in easily or see through. The chickens stay under the trees. I suppose if they stayed in the driveway a hawk could swoop in and get one, but there is nothing to eat in the driveway so they don't hang out there.

We have lost chickens to a bear, a fox or a coyote and to an unknown, but it has always been because we either left the chickens out without the dog or someone forgot to lock up the coop.

Morgan keeps the chickens safe... she even keeps the squirrels away from the chickens! And we have large breed chickens. I don't think a hawk could pick up a 7 to 10 pound chicken? I'll have to check that.

The owls do fly around amongst the trees at night, but the chickens are safely locked up. Please!

We have Wyandottes, Light Brahmas, Dark Brahmas, Buff Brahmas, Australorpes, and one Cochin.

I'll have to do a post about the chickens.