Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What a Difference a Few Weeks Make

The snow is almost all gone
(or is gone)
except for patches.

I filed away all the chicken stuff.
Which leaves me with only a small
pile of scraps to sew up and then cut into 6 1/2 squares.

I made 5 blocks in OmniGraffle.
Today I like this pattern best.
Whenever I make up a block I always think
that the block must have been done before
and already has a name.

I've got that old song
Lavender's Blue
running around in my head.
I remember singing it in school
in the 1940's.

Oh, it would be a lot of fun
to spend time in the quilt shop
picking out fabric for this block.
Or I suppose it could be a quilt...
just add some borders.

The photos below were taken today.
They are pretty much the same views
as the Christmas snow photos
I posted yesterday.

It is amazing how green everything looks.
And, yea! the leaves are out of the trees!
The snow and rain finally knocked them down.

I think I will start raking leaves tomorrow
and making paths
(they also act as fire breaks in the summer)
which will give
me time to meditate about the
Japanese quilt and how I am going to do the piecing.

Right now I think I want to free piece
starting with the carp
since it will be the largest piece.

I have to admit I am a bit afraid
of cutting into the fabric.

So, I want to have the steps all planned out in my head
before I start.
Then I can change stuff as I go along.

Working outside is a good thing
but I realize I am putting off working on the quilt
because I don't have a firm plan.
Maybe the leaves will inspire me?
Or I'm just afraid.

Have fun looking at the photos.
They are all clickable.


Eat cookies!

These trees looked so different covered with snow.

The driveway is under the leaves.

I am going to be going up this ladder to get the leaves
off the garage roof.
The roof is not too steep and almost level on the sides.

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