Saturday, January 10, 2009

Look What I Found...

While looking for more fabric scraps
to cut up into
chicken pot lid holders,
I found this bag.

And in it.
Under some fabric
all rolled up
was an old tablecloth.

I unrolled it and found
lots of fabric and pieced stuff.

I remember I had
used the tablecloth to crazy piece
one side
and use up lots of bits of fabric.

This fabric is some of the same stuff
I am cutting up for chickens.

It is fabric I bought at
the 5 and dime store.
Not really fabric you would use for a quilt.
But I liked the designs.

I did this over 10 years ago.
And never finished
making whatever it was
I was going to make.

I think I was going to make a table cloth
and then changed my mind.

I think this because I found more pieces
with napkins as backing.

Or were they going to be place mats?

I think I was going to turn it into a quilt.

I think this was the plan
because I found
a large pieced backing.

Now I get to figure out
what I want to do:

1. Finish it as a tablecloth
2. Finish it as a quilt
3. Cut it up and make something else.

I don't know what I will do.
I know I will finish my chicken project first.

I am still cutting out chickens.
Lots and lots of cutting.

This is neat because I am getting
rid of bits and pieces of fabric.
The clutter must go.

I am keeping all of my
good quilting
fabric scraps
for a string quilt.

I'll show you my pile of
chicken parts


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