Friday, April 01, 2011

Computer Hospital

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My computer tower is going to the computer doctor to be checked and have the DVD player fixed or replaced. So, I'll be computerless. eek!

Don't know how long this whole process will take. I'll be posting when I can.

Miss Chicken is sitting on a pot of breakfast oatmeal and raisins keeping it warm . I suppose she could double as a tea cozy. Her normal duty is as a warmer for a basket of hot biscuits.

I'm going to miss my computer.

Busy Making Aprons!

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I'm busy making aprons... designing, making patterns, cutting and sewing.

After I draw an apron, I like to cut out a little paper apron to see what it will look like... (I think I should be designing clothes for paper dolls?)

Sometimes it is easier for me to cut stuff out than draw it.

 Rather appropriate
to use a pot lid
to mark the curve?

The fabric is laying on
freezer paper
that I am marking
to make a pattern.

Well, back to work... I'm sewing this together.
The pink is an apron backing.

3 eggs today.
The snow is mostly gone. Rain tomorrow.