Monday, November 30, 2015

It's A Hat!

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Well, almost a hat...

Slouchy hat, my design, in the works.

This month has been devoted to
knitting and crocheting
hats and beanies.

Mostly relearning how to knit and crochet.
The last time I did any needle work
was in the 80's.

So, my skills are rusty
and I'm having to decipher
all the 

The really good patterns 
have a page devoted to translations. 

I need to look up things like 
psso and then look up
how to do it.

basically since I dislike directions 
I just started knitting.

Much easier on my nerves.
So, much more relaxing.

The best thing for me about 
knitting and crocheting 
if things go wrong
all I have to do is 
unravel the yarn,
wind it up and start again!

Life should be so forgiving.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Snow Fall 2015

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First snow of this year.
And so far the only snow here.
Not much.
Didn't stick for long.

greenhouse, woodshed, car, deck

The rain that came along with the snow
wasn't much either.
As a storm it was better than nothing
and much appreciated 
I do long for lots of rain
and inches
if not feet of snow.

California is running dry.
Wonder if El Nino will really deliver
on the iffy promise
of a wet winter
and a snowpack?

I've been around here since the 40's
and always remember
alternating between too much rain and floods 
and cries of reservoirs going dry
and crops in need of water. 

Seems to me that swings between
drought and an excess of water 
are pretty much the norm for California.

I do enjoy the in-beteen times.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Unpacking Memories

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Unpacking Christmas decorations
for me
is like unpacking memories of
Christmases past.

Memories are not always easy to deal with
but I have found that 
my memories are good ones
since I use my mental delete key 
and erase the
unpleasant ones.

And have kept only the 
happy decorations.

That might be considered cowardly
it works for me.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Day After Thanksgiving

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This afternoon was spent partially
packing away
Thanksgiving decorations
and unpacking and  putting up decorations for

The Fall flag was one of the first things
to change places with the more 
current theme.   

When this photo is enlarged,
it becomes evident
that there is blue sky and light
above us and that here
under the trees we dwell in shadow.
Oak tree shade.
A few pines.
Fewer madrone.

Nice and cool in the Summer.
Really cold now.

I'm going to give blogging
another go...
and post at least one photo everyday.

There may not be many words
or any words
to accompany the photo
but at least there will be a photo.

And maybe with the pressure off 
of producing text
I will come up with lots of words?