Tuesday, January 20, 2009

31 Blocks!

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I'm finished making blocks!
And I finally figured out what I should have been doing,
unfortunately after I was almost done.
Instead of making a large piece of fabric out of scraps
I should have been making blocks
just a little bit bigger than my square template.
Live and learn...

I do still have some strips left but
they are mostly blue.
I suppose I could go ahead and try the new method
and sew them up into blocks.
Ugh! I'll see how I feel about it tomorrow.

Now I can start my Japanese quilt!

Ahhh... so cute!
1 day old chicks
that we raised that turned into
these large hens.

This is Pastey. She is a Light Brahma.
Notice the feathers on the feet of the Brahmas.
The feathers are supposed to help
keep their feet and legs warm.

This is an Orpington.
She is very calm.

This is an Australorp.
Also a friendly hen.

This is a Buff Brahma.
She is a bit more worried about the camera.

This is a Golden Lace Wyandotte.
She just wants down!

This is Curly. She is a Cochin.

She has feathers on her feet too.
She lays small eggs.

We didn't try to catch her because
she is easily frightened.

This is a Dark Brahma.
I love their markings.

We wanted large winter hardy chickens
with friendly personalities
that could free range.

The Wyandottes are a bit aloof
but they blend in with the leaves
and haven't been caught by a critter.
We still have four!
The Cochin is goofy.
The Brahmas and Australorps are gentle.

Two chicks were roosters.
They went back to the feed store.

We now have:
3 Light Brahmas
3 Australorps
3 Orpingtons
1 Cochin
2 Dark Brahmas
2 Buff Brahmas
4 Wyandottes

These hens are between 7 to 10 pounds.

is a great site to learn more about the different
breeds of chickens.

Our chickens are all heritage chickens,
which means they are on the
watch or recovering list
of endangered chickens.

We enjoy our chickens as pets and
as eggs producers.
Plus they eat up a lot of bugs!
And they are fun to watch.

Below is a photos of the girls
investigating the yellow squash.

Morgan is doing fine.


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