Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Posting From Chrome In Idaho

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I'm posting from one of Kathleen's computers in Idaho.
And Google has finally decided that I am really me,

Say hi to Kathleen!

This is a photo off Picassa
from the last time Kathleen visited California.

I'll try getting some photos off my camera in a day or so...
when I have more time.
I'm taking a rest break now.
Just finished re-screening a window screen.
Looks neat!

Well, got to get something to eat and drink.
Then lots of stuff to do.
Sure is a good feeling being able to get to my blog.

Wonder what my chickens are doing?
Chickens stuff I imagine.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

1st Post From Idaho

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Greetings From Idaho!

This is a very quick post because it is late
and there are no photos
because I haven't figured out how to load
iPad photos into this blog.

I took over 500 photos
on our trip to Idaho
and I would like to use at least
a few in this blog.

I think I probably need aps?
But I need to get some sleep and
will have to figure this out tomorrow.

Don't know what the chickens
were up to today?


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 11 - Deck Progressing

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Went to Auburn today to get some last minute things
for the trip to Idaho tomorrow.

Checked on the progress of the deck when I got home.

First thing I saw was an extra cement step!

Then I looked at the upper deck
and saw that there were now Deck boards!

Strange how the pointy roof makes the deck boards
look pointy too.

The front of the house looks much the same.
That day bed is not staying there.
It is going to live upstairs in the loft when it gets a new floor.

I planted Kristine's seed packets.
Coleus, Pansy, and Cactus.
Hope the seeds sprout some leaves.
Tom said he will keep them watered.

Said goodbye to the chickens.
Tom's is going to feed and care for them.
He even cooked Morgan dinner tonight.
I'm off to Idaho tomorrow morning!
Hope I can figure out how to post on my iPad.

Too bad there will be no more deck photos
but hopefully there will be photos of Idaho
and ?

1 egg today


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 10 - Noisy Deck Work All Day

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Lots of building noise today!
After the workmen went home
I went outside to see what they had been doing.
The chickens didn't know where all the noise was coming from.
And they didn't care either.

Not much noise from the garden.
I was working there and finished setting the planting frames
and watered the beds.
I didn't make much noise.

I looked at the front of the house.
Looked pretty much the same as yesterday.
Nothing much done there.

I looked around the corner at the rest of the front of the house
and didn't see any changes.

I looked around the other corner
and this looks the same too.

Then I went around to the back of the house
and saw what all the noise had accomplished.
Repair work done, posts put up on the deck,
and the upper deck extended so it is the same width
as the lower deck
and it is supported by two posts
on the corners.

Pretty Neat!
And what's this?

I'm all packed and ready to go to Idaho on Saturday!
After tomorrow there will be no more deck updates.
I'll be as surprised as you will be
to see the finished deck when I come home
in a few weeks, months?
I'm due to be a Grandmother again this month!

Now that is really something special!

Lots of last minute things to do tomorrow.

The chickens did better today...

2 eggs today


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 9 - Some Repair Work Finished

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Well, the repair work was finished on the front of the house.
The stain on the siding didn't quite match
but it will be hidden by
the trim boards and the deck.

The supports along the side are almost up to the
front of the house.

I finished setting and filling two more frames
this morning before I had to leave
to go to town.
And I hung up a holder for the hose.
Neatness counts or so I was always told.

I figure the soil will settle over the winter
and I will need to add more soil for Spring planting.
I have two more frames to set into the ground
so the soil doesn't leak away around the edges.
I need more good dirt.

When we got home the chickens had gone to bed!

0 eggs today

I changed my Google password
so if I can't get back to my account for a while that's why...
I sure hope my new password works.
Changing passwords is always kinda scary for me.
I really hate passwords.
Trying to remember them is a pain.
But they do need to be changed fairly often.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 8 - Old Deck - New Deck

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Looks like someone has been mixing cement.

The landing for the stairs.
Soon to be stairs...

Work on the deck at the side of the house
is coming along nicely.
Almost ready for deck boards. 

The workmen do a high wire act
and walk those long boards.
Looks like the repair work is finished.
New siding needs to be cut and nailed in place
before work on this part of the deck resumes.

Kristine's deck is being torn apart a bit more.
And some repair work is still to be done.

Good news...
 there will be a new slider up there!
The old one leaked and was hard to slide open.
And another slider that leaks will be replaced
and a window that is hard to open.

More good news!
There is now a functioning water faucet in the garden.
No more hooking hoses together and dragging
them to the garden.

The frame in the front is set, full of good soil
and ready for Spring planting.
I have a lot more work to do
to get the other frames ready.

I'll be out there working tomorrow afternoon.
I get my hair cut tomorrow morning.
So nice to have easy access to water!

Chickens had carrot peelings today.

The chickens will be locked up until the deck is finished.

3 eggs today
Good girls!!!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 7 - Not Much Work On Deck

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There was not much work done building the deck today
because of all the work spent repairing
the dry rot damage.

The rotten wood was cut away, and they will treat the remaining wood
with a termite and sealing chemical.
And put back new wood and siding.
Just like new!

Kristine wanted to know what was happening with her deck.
Not much,
except they took away all the rotten wood.

 Tom is working on hooking up a water line
to the greenhouse.

I have been working on getting all the planter frames
cut to size and nailed together.
Most of the frames in this photo are not nailed together,
but I did finish nailing them all this afternoon.

Tomorrow, I will dig up the soil, turn it over, water it well,
set the frames and add new soil.
The two thriving plants are Thyme and Rosemary.
Hardy little plants.
I only water them a few times a year.

The chickens have adjusted to life in their pen.
They don't even try to rush the door when I go in to give them feed.
That didn't take too long.

0 eggs today
Went to the store and bought a dozen eggs.
The hens don't look like they are molting... maybe?


Sunday, September 09, 2012

Day 6 - Quiet Day - No Work On Deck

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Today I worked in the garden clearing weeds and raking leaves.
And I cut old boards.

Then I nailed the boards together.
I took the shortest board and cut the rest to that length. 

Eight boards equal two square frames.
More boards to cut and nail tomorrow.

The hen told me of a plan...

There is an 
Australorp digging an escape tunnel...

She won't get far!
She got distracted by corn.
What tunnel?


1 egg today
Kristine thinks the hens may be molting.
That would slow down the egg laying or stop it altogether.


Saturday, September 08, 2012

Day 5 - No Work On The Deck Today

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Today is Saturday, so no deck work today.
On Thursday I started painting the hall and it's finished.

I painted three walls
and left the one with the front door with the apricot color.
But I got rid of the orange!

Then Tom hung the wall plaques back up.
They depict old maps of California.

All done!

I'm not going to talk to you if you don't let me out!

Ha!... I'm so mean.

one egg today

Sorry, girls, this is not going to cut it...
Morgan needs two eggs a day.
I know you girls are upset, but get over it!


Friday, September 07, 2012

Day 4 - Old Deck Removed - Some Deck Built

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This part of the deck in the front of the house is gone.
Now the other deck
in front of the other part of the house needs to go.

They painted the paper protecter and boards with something.

The workmen kidded me ...here's your stairs!
A ramp!
No... stairs are in the works.

The chickens tell me all their problems...
someone locked them up
and won't let them out!


Click around!
I found the tribbles, and beamed down the away team
and the stick, and rock and...
Hope that link works.
Here is the Google Doodle Page.
And here is a walkthrough of the Star Trek Doodle
if you are having trouble.

2 eggs today

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Deck Day 3

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The protective covering
between the boards is new to me.
The ends of the boards have been painted or stained
with something to protect them.

I decided I'd seen enough of this orange!
I had wanted a warm color
to brighten up the place but the local store
didn't have much of a selection.
The orange was fine in the winter... kinda nice...
but it was too bright in the summer.

Here is a nice warm driftwood color.
Much better.
I have some paint left so I may paint the other walls too.
I painted the walls in the other room green
because that was the color of the paint I had around,
but I think I would like to paint them
the driftwood color too.

I found this little glass in a cupboard.
Kinda cute!


They really don't seem too upset
about having to stay in their pen and are quiet during the day.
They have a lot to say in the morning.

0 eggs today