Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 Christmas Photos Of Our Chickens

I thought I would post a photo of each breed of chicken we have this year.
There used to be four of each breed
(except for the Cochin... we've only had one Cochin.)

Golden Lace Wyandotte
The Wyandottes are lovely, hardy and a bit skittish.

Light Brahma

The Light Brahmas are bigger than the Orpingtons so they are #1.
Buff Orpington 
The Buff Orpingtons are beautiful big hens and like to be boss.


The Australorps have a beautiful green sheen to their black feathers
and are great layers.
Buff Brahma
The Buff Brahmas and Curly like to pal around together.

Curly the Cochin looks very much like a Buff Orpington
except she has feathers on her feet and her feathers are a little fluffy.

Here is the gang on the porch chowing down on chopped cabbage.
Well, most of the gang...
three of the hens have found something better to do.
Laying eggs?
I can dream.

They all look so much better now that they are almost finished molting
and most of them have all their new feathers.

I cut the cabbage up and scatter it around so the less dominate hens
have a chance of getting their share

Our chickens are around five years old.
Maybe six?
Maybe more?
Evidently we are not any good at chicken record keeping.

No eggs today.


rkbsnana said...


Roean said...

I have a friend who raises chickens a street or two over from me. I love to just sit there and watch them. One is pure black and is named Elvis. He is a stud!! In every sense of the word. Or thinks he is. There is definately a 'pecking' order there.

Witch Hazel said...

Lovely photos,thank you for sharing.

lisa said...

We have black Jersey Giants and I tell you what, they are one of the best breeds that we have ever had. They lay around 8 to 10 eggs a day and we have 10 to 12 hens. They have really layed constantly for the last year. They slow down a little but not much. You have some pretty breeds.

Rain said...

Beautiful chickies Callie!! My orpingtons are small-but bossy!!

Bon said...

I never knew chickens liked cabbage! I am a wanna be chicken keeper-when I retire (soon!) I will get some I already have their house. I am learning lots from your blog!