Thursday, January 29, 2009

Origami Fabric Flowers

I found a couple of sites that have origami 
fabric flower folding that I like.
One shows how to make this flower here
and one is Amazon here.
(click on flower and Amazon)
Wish I could get the book.

First I tried out the folding with my origami paper.

I used pins to hold it together.
I think I can do this.

So, I tried it out in fabric.
Actually, it was a lot easier using the fabric.

Then I pretty much worked on the quilt all day.
I got it all cut out except for 2 long pieces.

My back started hurting so I stopped cutting.
I make too many mistakes if I'm not comfortable.

I'm thinking of doing some needle turning applique
with some of the flowers, leaves and vines
in the purple fabric.
I'll cut some out and give it a try.


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