Monday, January 05, 2009

Sew With Lucy

Isn't this a happy looking
sewing machine?
I would like you to meet Lucy.
Her name is Lucy
because the red
reminds me of
a certain comedienne
of the same name.

Lucy is a tricksy
kinda girl.

Look at what she can do.
Pretty neat, don't ya think.

When I needed to sew around a pant leg this feature came in handy. Very nice.

I love having the sewing "tools" handy in the little compartment. I bought a special 1/4" quilting foot for Lucy to use when piecing. When I have to thread or wind the bobbin I still drag out the manual, but I am getting used to her. And it is a lot of fun using the different stitches.

To keep the dust from collecting on my table, Lucy, fabric, etc., and to keep sunlight from doing any damage I put a border on a piece of muslin and use it as a dust cover.

Good night, Lucy.

It is my plan that you will be able to click on all the photos in this post and then be able to see a larger photo. 

While checking back through my posts I noticed that some of the photos would not enlarge when I clicked on them and went searching for the reason why and for the fix.

I finally found some information that said that if photos are dragged and dropped while editing they sometimes lose their links. Which means they won't enlarge when you click the photo, so I am bringing in one photo to the post at a time and not even clicking on it and just typing around it and then publishing before adding another photo. 

So, we will see what happens.

Ahhhhh... success!

But I don't think I will keep bringing in the photos one at a time.
It takes too long.
Tomorrow, I will upload 3 or 4 photos all at once
and just try typing around them.



Tanya said...

Now, that was interesting. I just read your post about Japanese fabrics and when I went to comment on it it disappeared... Hmm. Well, I'll be looking forward to seeing what you do with them. I hope I wasn't hallucinating! And your blog won't take my comment at all!

Tanya said...

Oh good. It went through! Happy sewing!