Sunday, May 31, 2009

Raking, Darning Foot and an Invisible Thing

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There are chickens out there in the woods. Can you find the Australorp? A Light Brahma went flying up in the air back by the fence just as I was focusing this photo, but then she did the vanishing thing among the leaves probably out there in the sunny spot. I took this photo of the paths I raked today.. reraked. The chickens are busy dumping the leaves back on the paths. I do the raking in the middle of the day. It is hotter then, but also there are a lot less mosquitos. When one comes eeeeeeeeeeeeing around me I run away and rake somewhere else. The trick is to keep moving so the little beggars can't find me.
Here is the Darning Foot or free motion quilting foot that is supposed to fit on my Heart Truth 2008LE. I suppose it probably will, but I will have to use a screw driver. I really don't like messing with my machine with tools. But I will have to take the machine and the foot back to the store and have someone show me how to make the change without me harming the machine. Phooey! I like the other feet that just click on and off with the push of a little button. I worry about messing up my machine. It works so beautifully now. I'm afraid...
Here is another Invisible Thing. I got tired of dumping brillo pads because they got rusty. So, I took the plastic lid off a peanut can and made some triangle cuts along the edges and one into the center so that when I put it in the cup it makes a pointy dome in the middle. 
This holds the brillo pad away from the water and allows it to dry out quickly... no rust. The triangle cuts allow more air flow so the water drips evaporate faster. 

Everybody probably does this or something like this,
but I was happy with the peanut plastic lid thing
because it fit the cup. 
I keep it in the window because it is a cute cup, I like the chickens, and there is a better chance of it having good ventilation, sunlight and drying out up there. And it is easy to reach.

Holly gave me the blue and white figurine on the left. I can't remember where I got the shoes. I thought Sue gave them to me, Kristine thought I got them from Mary, or it could have been Kit? I think it was Sue. Maybe. I got the chicken planter at a garage sale. John and Sandy gave me the little chicken  and I bought the one with the blue. The collandar lives up there so it can drain away with no problems.  I love no problems. 

Nag, nag, nag, as a Mom I can do that rather well. I don't indulge in nagging very often and then for only what I think is a good reason. Today Kristine told me a chicken story that happened last night and it made me laugh out loud even. Well, you probably would have needed to be there to hear her mimic the chicken screams and Morgan's nonchalance while out for an evening walk.

Soooo, I nagged her until she made a post on her blog!
3 months! I mean it has been 3 months since her last post. She is stuck to her laptop watching bleach. There are way too many episodes. But, hey! I got her to make a post! Nagging rules!

[9 eggs today]

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chicken Stroll

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Here are some of the girls going for their daily late afternoon stroll along the deck. They will end up in the little rock garden for a while and will then advance to the front slider where they will congregate. They group in front of the slider in hopes of kitchen treats. Smart chickens!
So what is with the cleared area around the tree!

I have been going out every day for a while raking leaves off my paths. The chickens have been covering them up with leaves when they scratch looking for stuff. I kept telling Morgan to stop with the squirrel barking thing. It is arf, pause, arf, pause, pause, pause, arf, repeat. Arg! So I went over to see what her problem was. There was a dog behind that tree. She is a herding dog and they are hardwired to stay opposite of me on the other side of whatever is there.

I wonder what Morgan thinks is in the tree?
Yep! There she is. We played ring a round the rosie. Me trying to get a photo of her and her trying to stay on the other side of the tree from me. This behavior makes it almost impossible for me to shoo the chickens in their coop, because Morgan will stand in the doorway since the chickens are in the middle. It is like a strange game of keep a way.

Kristine picked up a darning foot for me today. I am going to have to call the store again tomorrow because I have a bad feeling that it might be the wrong foot. But then again I am the one who couldn't find the feed dog button, so maybe with some better directions than those on the back of the package I will be able to figure out how to put it on the machine. We'll see...

[9 eggs so far today]
It has been hot so egg production slows down.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Button, Button

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This is the back of my machine with the case pulled off. I looked for the button to lower the feed dogs, didn't see the button, so I called the sewing machine store. Help! What I needed to do was feel for the feed dog button.
Turns out the button was there. Duh! Underneath! Why am I so lame. Good grief, I couldn't find the feed dog button. So sad, so sad, because it turns out I still can't do any free motion quilting because the Heart Truth doesn't come with that foot. Soooo, I need to buy a darning foot!  So, I'll add that to the list of stuff I need to have someone pick up for me next time they are in that part of town. I sure do spend a lot less money since I stopped driving because of the migraines.

These hens are dust bathing in the shade.
It is just too hot for sun dust bathing.
They are digging pot holes.
And they are not doing the foundation any good either.

[10 eggs today]


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hot Muggy Day

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This is how it looked all day. Overcast, hot, muggy, and a forecast for the same and for lightning through Sunday. I think we may have a light rain sometime tonight. Maybe? There is a bit of wind also. The lightening bit scares me because I really don't want any forest fires! Especially with the wind and heat. It would be great if it rained! But rain is not in the forecast. 
So, because it feels like it might rain I moved the chicken feeders inside the coop. Poor hens are confused. It was five pm and there was one more egg. That made 11 eggs. I will check again for eggs when I lock up the coop. I shut the windows in the coop too because of the wind.
I made the sandwich with this wall hanging and pinned it together in the lavender areas. Then I went to lower the feed dogs on my Heart Truth Janome and came to find out that I don't have a clue on how to do that even after reading the instruction book. I will have to call the store where I bought the machine tomorrow and talk to one of the repair people or someone. This should not be such a difficult thing to figure out. I can't find the switch. Beats me?

I thought I would try putting some stitching on the trees that would give the illusion of bark. At least I wanted to try it out on some scraps and see what I could come up with. I'll call tomorrow.

I enjoy listening to some of the TED talks and found this talk the other day that just cracked me up. The little girl was too cute and the talk's message is something that should be better known. 

[11 eggs today]


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On The Road

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This is the view out of the car window on the way to town. I had to go to town today to get my hair cut. Only took about 20 minutes, so it was a very quick trip. The drive is pretty much the same all the way, trees, trees and more trees, except for a few places where there are open areas where you can see the mountain tops.

I love living in among the trees. I know people are drawn to areas with panoramic views, but I like forest living. I used to live in a house on the side of a mountain that gave the illusion of being in a tree house because the view out of the windows was of the middle of redwood trees. So, you felt you were living up in the trees. 
Kristine took this photo of a sage plant that is very happy in my weed garden. She planted this sage! It was left over from her gardening class. Maybe that is the key? I should have her do the planting. Or maybe I should turn this into a herb garden since herbs seem to be the only thing that can grow there except native plants. The sage looks like lavender. I like the fuzzy leaves and purple flowers. I wonder if it will seed itself? That would be such a deal. Lots and lots of sage... a sage garden!
This little thread basket and pin cushion is very useful, and I needed another one for my ironing board. I am always looking for it because it never seems to be where I need it. I collect all the thread and fabric scraps and use them to stuff pillows and whatever. I ran across this little basket when putting stuff together for the garage sale and decided to put it to use as a scrap and thread basket. It is cute and it doesn't take up much room on the ironing board. Pretty neat!
Here is a shot of the myrtle I planted along the driveway. It is finally starting to spread out and it's looking pretty good. I am so glad the deer and the chickens don't like to eat it up. I would like for the myrtle to take off and cover the ground under the trees. It seems to push out the poison oak, but it spreads slowly. I especially like how the myrtle manages to stay on top of all the leaves!

I guess I will have to plant more starts this fall after the rains begin. Which means I need to save all the cuttings I make when I start cleaning up my non flower garden. I've got myrtle taking over in places in there, so I will be cutting it back and starting the cuttings in potting soil so they will be ready to plant. That's how I got the starts for the driveway.

I enjoy listening to some of the TED Talks and ran across this talk the other day and the little girl just cracked me up. The message is a good one and should be better known. 

[10 eggs today]


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nite Nite or Egg Egg?

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It was starting to get dark so I went to fill the chicken feeder so they have lots to eat when they rise and shine in the morning, do a last check for eggs, and count the hens. 18 chickens and I can lock the door. When I went to counting I was one hen short, and I found her here in the top nest box. So, is she getting set to sleep here for the night instead of roosting or is she still bent on laying an egg? I had to use the flash to get a decent shot of this Buff Brahma. Hope she is not egg bound. I don't know what it is with having animals, but I'm always worried about the problems they can have.  
Kristine filled the bird feeder when she got home. She said that if we put corn out the squirrels would go after that and leave the bird feed alone. Hmmm... maybe? Last year I had a squirrel take apart another feeder I have so he could get to the feed. He figured out that if he chewed off the rope and knot it was hanging by then he could raise the panels to get to the feed. Smart little critter! They have lots of acorns. The bird feed must be like candy or something. I have lots of little bird houses. I'll have to do a post about them.
I have been neglecting my flower garden. Not one flower in it! I tried to get a photo of the bird feeder from inside the house. You can barely see it hanging there in the ivy near the inside of the gate. So, I had to go out and brave the mosquitos to get the photo above. The things I do for this blog. That was a very fast trip in and out of the house to take the photo. Darn mosquitos!

Kit gave me this bird feeder. She was going to throw it away because the plug in the bottom was lost. I asked her to throw it my way. First I tried to find a cork that would fit, but couldn't. So, I took some trusty duct tape and taped up the bottom. That worked to hold the bird feed in and it hasn't failed yet. Duct tape is sure great to have around for a lot of fixes.

And here is one of those invisible things that doesn't get mentioned much if ever because it is taken for granted. This is how I most often cook vegetables. I steam them altogether, no salt, just their lovely selves steamed to a little past crunchy, but way before smushy. No salt needed, with fresh organic vegetables especially the flavor comes through. Soooo good. I used to cook with spices, sauces, oils, etc., but I have come to appreciate the vegetable for what it is and the yummy flavor they have without any additions.

[12 eggs today]
Well, there were really 13. The goofy chicken laid her egg in the sun next to the feeder on the blue plastic. And I didn't check there until tonight. Bad me. So I had to toss it. I think it probably got cooked in the sun. I didn't see any wet spots, so no broken eaten eggs today. Maybe it was a fluke and it won't happen again. Hope is a wonderful thing.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Chicken Eating Eggs!!!

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Help! (Gee, on second reading that sounds like eggs eating chickens. Ha!) Remember the chicken who lays her egg wherever she happens to be? Well, I have been finding wet spots around and I didn't want to think that she was eating her egg, but today Kristine found egg shells next to a wet spot... so it is confirmed, we have at least one egg eating chicken.

[I was just wondering if maybe it is Morgan
pilfering the eggs on the ground?
Oh dear, I hope not!]

I read up on how to combat this problem and found that the first remedy was to kill the chicken. Ouch! The second was to collect the eggs frequently and the third was to darken the nest boxes. So far the egg eating has occurred out of the nest boxes so I think I will try out collecting the eggs every hour or so and see if that helps. Putting fake eggs in the nests was also mentioned so I may try leaving a few wooden eggs laying around. 
Hanging burlap over the entrance to the nest boxes was mentioned as a deterrent. I guess if they can't see the egg they won't peck it? OK? Well, I will add wooden eggs and try out the burlap. (have to get some burlap) And I will go out to the coop as often as I can. Lack of good feed was mentioned as a cause, but they have lots of good food and forage, so I think that in this case it was opportunity. It was that goofy hen leaving her egg where they naturally peck around. Phooey!
Here is a fluffy bum chicken! You can compare with the photo in the post below to see the difference. Click on the photos if you want a better look. This is a Dark Brahma. I really need to take the plastic down. Don't think we are going to get any more freak snow falls.

Oh, and by the way, Kristine informs me that the Australorp in the blog heading photo has Hen/Roo in it. She says you can tell by her long tail feathers. And even though her comb is blurry you can see how much bigger it is. Goofy chicken!

There are a few blogs that I check on frequently that are not in my blog list. Two of them are Susie's Big Adventure and Saudi Jeans. Today when I read Susie's blog I found that her blog has been blocked by the Committee for the Protection of Virtue and Prevention of Vice or some other such organization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

She can't get to her blog but she has left a message on her comment page, so if you click comments and scroll down to where you type your comments you can read the little message she left. Sure hope she can get the government to let her post again. It is very dangerous. They put people in jail for blogging things they don't like!

[Today (5/26/09) I see that Susie can post on her blog,
but she can't see it because it is still blocked in Saudi]

I really like reading her blog about her new life in the kingdom as an American wife of a saudi.  I hope she can get her blog unblocked. The Saudi Jeans site is written by a young Saudi man who writes carefully about the changes he would like to see in his country. Both blogs give a thoughtful insight into that part of the world.

"Our debt to the heroic men and valiant women in the service of our country
 can never be repaid.
They have earned our undying gratitude." 

Gen. John A. Logan, May 1868


[10 eggs today]
+ 2 = 12

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Other Hen/Roo

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This morning Kristine pointed out the other hen that is sex changing. It is the buff Orpington. I'm not sure if the black hen (Australorp) is the other Hen/Roo. I don't think so because the comb is not very big. You can see the Orpington has an enlarged comb and Kristine called my attention to the fact that she doesn't have a fluffy hen bum and she has gotten thiner. You can see she kind of has feathered pantaloons instead of the fluffy hen bum. I tried to get a photo of one but I found it very difficult because I got no cooperation from the girls. At all. I'll keep trying. I would like to get a photo of this one and another Orpington to compare their characteristics. 
This is the second photo of the hall tree I have posted. The reason it is here again is because I have been thinking about the things we do all the time that we never think about because they are so much a part of our life. I call them the invisible things because they don't get recorded because they are taken for granted. So, here goes with this answer to, "Gee, I wonder how they used to collect eggs?" question. Sounds dumb, but somewhere down the road someone may wonder? I wonder how my great grandparents did stuff. Well, this is what I do. I come out of the house, sit down, pull on my boots, get my coat and egg basket and head to the coop, put the eggs in the basket, come back here and do it all in reverse. Maybe this sounds dumb, but I'm going to try and record the invisible stuff when I can recognize it.
These two photos are of the top nest box (with me holding the door open) showing the opening for the hens to get inside (top) and the scrap boards (bottom) on the other end of the nest. When I say I closed in these boxes I don't mean that they are very dark. It is just that now they are closed in on three sides and little bit on the fourth. The hens seem to like them a lot.


[8 eggs today]

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Morgan Squirrel Herding

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Some hens have close friends, other girls they like to hang out with while the rest of the bunch is in another part of the woods, these hens like the driveway? Beats me what they are finding to eat? Curly the Cochin and the two Buff Brahmas are tight. There is a Dark Brahma who follows them around, but stays about six feet away. Don't know if these hens are outcasts or an exclusive group? They are very close to the coop here. Maybe they are homebodies? 
Yea! Jean is home!

Sorry Jean! I was going to put your photo up first, but got it in backwards. You are first in my book! So glad that you are home! Hope you are enjoying yourself back in your own digs. Love you!


[10 eggs today]

There's squirrels up there! It is a bit of a wonder to me how Morgan can keep track of where the squirrels are in the trees. Maybe she is just faking me out sniffing their tracks making me think that she knows which tree they are in or traveling to or through. I mean, did the squirrel really run up the cut tree? Really! 

Friday, May 22, 2009

Morgan and Curly

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Morgan and her little Cochin buddy or biddy. Kristine called me to take a photo of Morgan sacked out on the porch surrounded by at least 12 hens. Kristine said some of them were right up against her relaxing and the rest were cleaning feathers and resting. They must have heard me coming down the hall because by the time I got there with the camera all I got was a picture of Morgan and Curly. I know it is her because of the feathers on the feet. Otherwise, I have a lot of trouble telling her from an Orpington. Biddy means young chicken, right? Or does it mean a chick? Or does chick-a-biddy mean chick or...?
When Kristine had her dairy goat herd, we used to use this little feeder to give the goats their grain or treats. I packed it amongst the things to move up here just because it held such great memories. A while back I decided to gift it to the hens for an extra feeder. When I go to fill their hanging feeder I dump the feed that is left over in this feeder. Seems to work out OK and it gives them some elbow room.
In or Out? The side with all the leaves, dirt, and the plant with the little round green leaves (wild rose) is the side that the chickens patrol. I'm glad they don't eat the rose. The other side of the fence is the side that was supposed to be my vegetable garden. Nice crop of weeds! Unfortunately, the soil is so poor that the carrots looked like matchsticks and most of the other veggies didn't even make an appearance. However, the few herbs I planted are doing great. I read somewhere that they originated on rocky barren islands with poor soil. Well, I've got everything but the island part. I need to get a truckload of top soil. Got to work on that. Add it to the wish list.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

[10 eggs today]
+1 = 11

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Beautiful Morgan!

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Here we have a photo of the small feeder full of oyster shell and some hens happily eating it up. I had just filled it today and they weren't all that interested because they had pretty much eaten up the handfuls I had put in there yesterday. I'm kinda curious to see how long it will take 18 hens to eat up this much oyster shell.

I was coming out of the chicken coop only to be greeted by a beautiful clean Morgan who was happy she was home from the groomer.

There was one egg in the open nest boxes
and all the rest were in the closed ones.

[12 eggs today]

Have a good day!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Small Wall Hanging Hung

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Yea! I got the small wall hanging up on the wall. It is always rather amazing to me when I actually complete a project. When I am in the midst of sewing it doesn't seem like I will ever get it done. I just keep telling myself to keep at it and it will eventually get done. And this was such a simple little thing, but then it was the first one I had attempted.

The middle photo of the back of the hanging shows the triangle pockets sewn into the corners. I was going to cut some dowel to fit, but I thought I would try out some of those extra large straws that come with

the big, big, drinks. The straw fit perfectly, but was a little bendy from the weight of the hanging. I think the straws would work beautifully for a smaller wall hanging.

So, I went searching around for some long chopsticks and found these wooden ones that fit just great. These are good chopsticks, so tomorrow I will have to go cut some dowel pieces and replace the chopsticks before they are missed.

Today Tom picked up chicken feed and some oyster shell.
Boy, were those hens happy to dig into the oyster shell!
Here is the nest box egg laying score:
Open nest boxes: 1 egg
Closed nest boxes: 11 eggs
Plywood floor: 1 egg - That nutty chicken! 

[13 eggs today]

Have a great Day!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Voting and Rolling in the Dirt

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This was the view out the car window on  the way to vote this morning. Trees, lotsa trees. We were the only people voting at the polls. California is in trouble, I wonder if the props will pass? People are mad at the legislature. They might take it out at the polls by voting no? 

This is what I saw when I was walking up the driveway after voting. I had my camera! Maybe I could catch them dusting? Morgan was barking at the dreaded squirrels. I think that was her squirrel bark. Her dangerous critter bark is much more excited.

Oops! The Australorp jumped up! Gee, what does she think I'm going to do. Silly hen. So, I stood there for a long time and finally the Light Brahma went back to dusting and some of the other hens came over to lay down and sun bath. Looks like fun!

There was an egg bounty today.
[14 eggs today!]
And they were all laid in the closed in nest boxes!

And it was cool in them.
Cooler than in the house.
Smart Girls!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Wall Hanging and Mars Hoax

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Well, I'm pretty sure this is not how you are supposed to do applique, but this is my first attempt and this is the way I'm doing it. I drew out the flower and then cut out paper shapes, cut out the fabric, turned the edges, basted it down and now the next step is to sew it to the backing. Pretty simple shapes. I just want to add some color to the wall.

Here is some filler.
Another shot of the view on the way to town.
Today I received two forwarded emails. Both about earth and mars being so close in August that they will look almost the same size to the naked eye. I checked out Snopes and they say it is False.

If you would like to read the Snopes report:
Phooey! I was looking forward
to seeing mars look so close.
[Oops! I just read that I do not want to see Mars
that close. Bad things would happen.]

It was in the 90's today
and the chickens took time off.
only 7 eggs today.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Treat Time!

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This link and this link both explain and show poultry that have sex changed.
This link has the info on egg laying.

Kristine was watching Dr. Who and I was getting ready to make popcorn when we heard a bunch of chicken noise at the slider. I thought it was Hen/Roo and I went over to the dirty rained on, snowed on, dog nosed slider to check and see what the problem was. I think that's a chicken...

Well, hello! I thought it was the Hen/Roo
but the Australorp above went away and then the Hen/Roo
came over and complained too. Gee, I think they want a treat. Duh!
So, I gave them some lettuce which they gobbled up.

If you have time click on this photo,
because Hen/Roo looks like a cartoon rooster.
"Who, me?"

Kristine and I got to talking about sex change in poultry and Kristine found some great links and then I found a site that shows how an egg is laid. Interesting stuff. But don't go there if you never really wanted to know how an egg gets out of a chicken. 

You can see how the Hen/Roo's comb and wattles have grown larger and you probably can't tell from the photos but the tail feathers are starting to stand up and curl a little.

This link has the info on egg laying.
Beware if you are squeamish.
There are videos of hens laying on Youtube
if you want to see the real thing.
But the info on the link is probably enough
for most people.

[11 eggs today]

I took a photo of the flower I made today
for the wall hanging
but Iphoto ate it.
The photo was there but the numbers are gone.

Like I said I was making popcorn.
Kristine said, "Wait! Take a picture!"
So, before I dumped the popcorn
in the big yellow bowl I ran and got my camera. 
We like making, or rather I make popcorn in the
cast iron chicken fryer.
I haven't tried making it on the wood stove
because it is way too hot standing that close.
Tastes great and it is fast on the cook top.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Early Birds

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I finished the blank vertical flimsy and now need to applique something simple. I hope to have some fun with that tomorrow. I did search around last night for ways to sew on a hanger for the wall hanging and found this site with a method that I like the best. Instead of sewing on a quilt sleeve, triangles are sewn into the corners on the back. Dowels can then be inserted into the corners leaving the middle open for hanging on a nail, etc.
I think I will put triangles on the bottom and top
and use dowels or old curtain rods I have around here somewhere. 

Below is a video of the 10 hens
who like to go to roost early while the other eight
stay out in the pen and spend time eating. 

It was still light out when I took this video.
I like how the hens talk to me.
Nite, nite.

[9 eggs today]

Friday, May 15, 2009

Wall Hanging

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Today I sewed up this wall hanging flimsy and managed to make it all the way through without a migraine. I had a little one yesterday, but I pretended it wasn't really there. Denial can be a really good thing at times. (I do try not to write about the migraines because they are such a downer.)

Tomorrow I'm going to make another wall hanging, but a vertical one instead of horizontal. Tonight I need to search up some tutorials on how to make the hanger part of the backing. I know this is a very simple design of tree trunks in the mist, but I figure I can always come back and do applique. But I don't think I will, I like the calm and simplicity.
There is one goofy chicken that lays her egg wherever and whenever the mood strikes her: in the driveway, out in the chicken pen, or in the woods, etc. I had hopes for her to decide to lay in the closed in nest boxes, but today I found another egg by the feeder. She is so strange. I mean she sits by the corn feeder and lays an egg?

So, counting the corn feeder egg (which I had to toss) there were 10 eggs laid today that I could find and they were all laid in the closed in nest boxes. And Kristine said that when she checked the nest boxes this morning that she was very surprised to find the Hen/Roo in the top nest box. We thought/read that when hens take on rooster characteristics that they stop laying. Maybe she is just going through the motions?

[10 eggs today]


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Little Sewing, Big Egg

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There were only two blocks that I didn't take apart when I stopped sewing and yesterday I made two more to match them. The plan I have is to make a small wall hanging for the green room. I still want to make Kristine a quilt, but I will do this first and hopefully I'll be able to get back into the swing of quilt making. I feel like I'm sneaking the sewing past my migraines. I'll just play it cool and they won't notice. 
I'm going to make up some artsy asian looking type wall hanging...
maybe even two? I think I will go for colors ahead of design. 

Itunes and I have been having a lot of fun lately since I have found Itunes U and I have been listening to class lectures from Stanford, Berkeley, and other universities. Some of the classes have video, but I even like listening to the sans-video lectures while I do other things. It is pretty neat listening to lectures by Pulitzer winning professors. You can learn great stuff!

Today there was such a difference in the sizes of these two eggs that I had to take a photo. In fact for some reason they seem to have more of a size difference in real life than in the photo. The small egg is a Cochin egg, but I'm not sure if the large egg is an Orpington or a Brahma egg. I think it is probably an Orpington egg because they are supposed to be medium to large while the Brahma eggs are listed as medium. 

There was only one egg laid in the open nest boxes today.

[10 eggs today]