Sunday, October 16, 2016

Relaxing By The Woodstove

I think Tom is tired after moving all
the firewood.

Love the wood stove.
The wood stove is our heat source
and in the Winter I enjoy cooking on it occasionally.
Lots of fun!

After the rain storm passes
I'm looking forward to getting out in the forest
and working on my paths.

It is always a lot more fun moving the leaves
around on wet ground 
and avoiding making dust clouds.

I've been thinking about researching how I could
improve our fencing
to slow down fox and coyote.

 If the wildlife wants over the fence
or under it
then they are going to get through. 

I really don't want to use electric fencing.
Maybe chicken wire
up against the existing fence?

Saturday, October 15, 2016


We miss our dearly loved Morgan very much.

She used to love to sit on the stairs and keep watch.

I had to stop writing this. 
It has been awhile but still too soon to see these photos.

My Paths

Paths I Raked Last Week

Moving leaves with shovel and rake.
Those are my gloves airing while I take a break.

I added more fallen branches
to border the paths.

This part of the path is wider
because the trees have grown farther apart.

Raking the paths is an ongoing process that keeps me fit.
Well, at least keeps me moving.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Rain At Last

Rain is very welcome!

I have been busy raking leaves
for the past several weeks.

All the raking
is really my exercise program.
But it is very nice to have clear paths to walk.

We are very thankful for the rain.