Saturday, January 03, 2009

Chickens in the Kitchen!

I do love my chickens and like to have them around me...
and since I can't have the real ones in the house.

I have these little pot lid holders to keep me company.
I have several of these in the kitchen for use,
for decoration and to bring a smile.

Some of the little chickens stay close to the stove
so they are handy and ready to help me out
when I have to deal with a hot lid.

The chickies roost on the tops of my long spoons,
flippers and where ever I can find a place
to plunk them down.

I love to see them sitting on my pots.
There is just something so cheery
about having
chickens in the kitchen.  

Here is a photo of a pile of scrap fabric
that I plan to turn into
a lot more little chickens.

These will be Christmas presents for 2009
and will use up a lot of scrap fabric.
Good plan.

The two chickens in the plastic bag
are the originals
that a lady in Los Angeles
made for me in the 60's.

I took the blue one apart and made a pattern.
This year I am going to experiment and enlarge the pattern
and make some pot handle size chickens.

My cutting mat is old, the lines are not true anymore,
and the edges are wavy.
It had one trip too many in the car.
So, I get to buy myself a new cutting mat this year.
It is an Olfa.
I wonder if there are better ones these days?
I bought this one in the 80's.

Getting tired of this centering?
I am.
I've got to remember to uncheck and change the
photo placement.


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