Friday, August 05, 2016

What's For Dinner!


Well, we kinda skipped dinner
and I got hungry later.

Make some rice?

I didn't take photos
because my hands were floured.

I covered the cutting board with freezer paper.
It worked well for cutting biscuits
but it is too slippery for kneading dough.
But later...

Half white and half whole wheat flour.
I think I will go have another
biscuit before they cool down.


Thursday, August 04, 2016

Tortillas Or English Muffins?

The English Muffins Won!

Yes, I did take photos...
Next time I make these
I will use a lower temperature
and be sure to use corn meal to keep
the muffins from sticking
while rising.
They were hard to pick up
even though I floured the bottom and top.

The yeast I had was a little old
so I added a bit more.
And it proofed.

Rolling out the dough balls
was a lot of fun!

Corn meal on the top and bottom of the muffins
would have kept them from sticking.

I used the soup skimmer sieve to skim
off the milk solids.
The clarified butter worked great.

The muffins are very good!
Next time I will double the recipe.


Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Whoops! photo

There should be a photo here of the 
flatbread I made today.
Even some photos of the flour mess I made
mixing and rolling them out
would have been good.

Perhaps I was too hungry?
I didn't think about taking pictures.
As soon as the flat bread was ready I ate it!
So, no photos...
But next time I make them I'll take photos.

To make up for the lack of pictures
here is the video I"m going to use next time.

And here is the video I used this morning.

I learned not to let excess flour get in the skillet.
Burned flour...not so good.
But I ate the flat bread anyway.
It wasn't burnt.
Food Wishes has several videos
on making flat bread, pita bread, etc.

I really like these two cooks!
And use a lot of their recipes.

And these cake pops look good too.

I was going to load the videos.
But ended up loading the links instead.
Click on the links.

Have fun!
Be happy!


Tuesday, August 02, 2016

What's Happening Today...

Tom said the bread board was covered with ants this morning.
Ants like bread?
Our plug in ant repeller thingy is missing!
Not me... I didn't do anything with it.
I think it got taken up stairs to work on repelling
the visiting squirrel.

I forgot to mention the olive oil, olive oil lotion
and balsamic vinegar we got at the farmer's market Saturday.
I was going to get some honey but we still had some.

While I was in Idaho I bought a hat.
It's too big.
Fits down over my ears
Keeps the sun off though!
So that's good.

And I bought some Idaho weights.
I have plans to get a treadmill before Winter.
I need to stay somewhat in shape.

And I bought a new mouse.
It scrolls!
My old mouse was in bad shape.

And finally a photo of the front deck.
Without leaves!
Yep, I swept off the deck around the house today.
My big accomplishment!
I could sweep while taking careful steps.

One foot/toes are still a bit messed up
from a tumble I took.
But getting better.

Morgan went to the vets today
and along with blood work, etc., she got her nails trimmed.
No more clicking!
Now she needs an appointment with the groomer.
She is a dirty dog.
We put up with that because she is old and hates
to go to the groomers.
But enough is enough.


Monday, August 01, 2016

Saturday Farmer's Market

Went to farmer's market on Saturday.
Then slept most of the day and evening.
Too late to post.
Around 2am Sunday managed to get this much typed.
My sleep cycle is all messed up
because I have been staying up at night
keeping the doors and windows open to cool the house.
I'll finish this tomorrow...
Well, this is the day after tomorrow.
Since this blog is about what goes on around here...
not much today.
It's cooler.
I slept in the day.
I"m up...soon to go to bed.
This is what I saw in the hall when I got up this morning.

I did kick the leaves closer together
for the photo.
Morgan brings the leaves into the house
after she collects them on
her walks in the forest.

Not much to post about
but, hey, this is what's happening.

Market stuff
The fridge is stuffed with
fruit and flat bread
that we bought on Saturday.
Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, grapes,
pears, loaves of bread,
and blueberries that we already had.

I'm enjoying eating fruit and yogurt!

In 5 weeks there will be chickens to buy
at the farmer's market.
Processed and ready to cook.
Farm chicken raised by a local farmer.
Looking forward to that!
I'm going to buy some to cook and some to freeze.

I'm hoping to get to bed before 2am
and turn my sleep schedule around.


Friday, July 29, 2016

Glad We Have These Things On Hand

Soda and Vinegar
helped put me to rights today.

I had a stomach ache
and a little bit of vinegar and water followed
later by some soda
made my tummy 
happy again.

Nail clippers!
Morgan is hiding under the table
to get away from the iPad.

She hates, really hates having her photo taken.

Even more
she hates having her nails clipped.
Today she was limping.
Kristine found that the problem was caused
by two of her nails overlapping.

Tomorrow she gets her nails clipped.
Like it or not!

This blog is about what happens around here.
Not much happening today.
Too hot.
Over 100 degrees.
Morgan is suffering from the heat.
She is getting lots of ice in her water.

Time to put more ice in her water.


Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pink Winter Socks

These are the first socks I have knitted.

Tube socks knitted with super saver acrylic yarn. 
Practice socks.

Next I want to learn to knit short row heels and toes.

These socks are for Winter use
with my muck boots.

Next socks I knit will be with sock yarn.
This pink yarn is thick and not for use with shoes.

Fun socks!


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Birds Are Always Welcome?

See the buzzards in the trees?

that's because I'm not fast enough with the iPad camera
to catch a photo of them.

They were there!

Around 10 of them
flashing their shadows back and forth over the house and driveway
and then roosting in the trees.

Large beasties!
At first I thought the shadows were from airplanes.

Never seen that behavior before.

Kristine thought that perhaps they were after a squirrel on the roof?
We didn't see anything happening in the driveway.
Just lots of buzzards swooping around.
And sitting in trees.


Anyway, birds are always welcome.
Flying critters show up here regularly...
bats, owls, crows, finch, etc.
This year we haven't seen the blue jays.
And I have only heard one woodpecker.
Seems the birds have moved on to new places?
Have the buzzards chased them away.
We don't know why a lot of birds haven't shown up this year.
Their food sources have changed?
Maybe the drought has caused a change?
Lots of dead trees.

The birds are always welcome back.
Hope they show up next Spring.

Even buzzards.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Back Home From Idaho

What can happen when your tall husband picks out
the new
washer and dryer.

First thing I do is unpack and do 

This is neat!
I get to do wash and stair exercise.

Great washer and dryer.

Maybe I'll grow?
I think I'm getting shorter.

Visit was too short.
But wonderful!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Second Try

These are photos of the two younger grandchildren,
Genevieve and Jaidan,
playing catch the stroller
on the driveway.

After I get these photos on here
it will be time for me
to go eat dinner.

Hope to spend more time posting soon.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Trying to blog with Chrome and an iPad...

Catch the stroller!

There was supposed to be a photo here....

I suppose that this is going to be a test Post.

Blogger Help
Said that
Chrome would allow posting.
The blogger app is gone for iPad.
At least I can't find it.

Chrome may post this text?

But I can't get to my photos...

This is a test of posting with
Chrome on my iPad...

Tomorrow I'll try and post on a computer!


Saturday, July 09, 2016

I Packed!

The Mom parental unit is packed.
Well, Mostly!

Laid out clothes on bed along with list of stuff to pack.

Fold and roll shirts I want to pack.

Shoes ready to go into plastic bags.

Shirts rolled and packed.
There are jeans under the shirts.
The shirt and clothes on the bench
are for me to wear tomorrow.

Still have to pack last minute stuff.
I have a list for that too.

Of course, I packed too much.
Thank goodness the suitcase is not very big.
The little backpack is just for shoes.
That backpack is a post all in its own.

I think I will go make more biscuits
to take on the trip.