Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Leaves and I

When I went down the driveway 
I heard a lot of noise.
It sounded like 
someone raking leaves into a large pile.
Rustle, Rustle, Rustle!

All these photos are clickable.
I checked!

Wonder what they're looking for?

Over there?

Oh, it's their doggie, Morgan!

Path not raked.

Path raked.
Well, started.
From the gate to the first bend.

Driveway not raked.

Part of the driveway raked.
From the middle out to where the rock stops and the dirt starts.

Part of the driveway to the gate not raked.

Part of the driveway raked.
I have to re-rake this again tomorrow
before I start on the rest of the driveway.
There is still a layer of old leaves stuck to the rock.

I much prefer raking the dirt paths
because raking over the rock
takes a lot of time
while I try not to rake up rock with the leaves.

When I moved here
I could not see the neighbor's house.
But since all the clearing to cut down the fire danger
their house is visible.

I did mull over the quilt design
while I was raking.
But, still no firm ideas yet.


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