Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chicken Apron Thank You!

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This Buff waited until her sisters finished eating and left for the woods and she could enjoy having the scratch all to herself.

She doesn't like me taking her photo... or maybe she is guarding her feed.

The blue patch in the sky was quickly covered by clouds.

I gave up raking the driveway until the weather dries out and warms up.

Maybe we are going to skip Spring and June is going to be another wet month?

Still a week more of thunder and rain forecast.

The quilt sandwich is still on the floor waiting for me to finish basting it together. I got about halfway and the cold and gloomy weather got to me and I quit to take up reading and watching videos.

I'm making a deal with myself... no more movies until I work on the quilt. sigh... it is so dark in there it is hard to see and... I have a lot of excuses. I do feel better today... not so depressed... the cold and gloom does not improve my mood at all.

I want to say thank you again to the dear generous lady who gave us all the beautiful fabrics which made it possible for me to have so much fun.

She sent me some lovely clear photos of the apron I sewed since I hadn't managed to get photos.

The apron is lined with red material and is reversible. I want to make one of
these aprons for me too.

Chicken mug rug!
Much better than my photo.

I had to add this photo of a bug that Kristine found and took a photo of last night.

I don't have a clue as to what it is, but it does have some interesting antenna.

I hope it is lost and trying to find it's way outside!
Or... it might be hiding from the chickens?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rain And Then Sunshine

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There was heavy rain last night after a cold gloomy Saturday, but the sun came out to play today and everything looks so green and bright. More rain later today.

The low 60's and wet weather is not my idea of a warm sunny Spring.

The chickens are having a good time scratching up the wet leaves, Morgan is curled up in her bed resting up from her trip to the vets for vaccinations. I don't like shots either.

I'm trying to get over a chest cold or maybe it is allergies? I made a large pot of ginger tea that I hope will help.

Update: Well, the sunny day didn't last long... it's raining again.

And Hail!

Here is Morgan sleeping off the trauma of shots and a long trip to the vets. Poor baby.

I finally figured out how to view images of my iPhoto pictures (before I choose them to post) by clicking the "show items as cover flow." That option was set up on my other account, but I just realized how to get the same result on this account.  It was such a pain to try and find the photos by looking for their numbers.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Myrtle In May

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The Myrtle blooms in May around here and is alternately flattened by rain and snow and then picks its self up and stands tall for a while.

I'm experimenting here to see if this posts. Kristine can't sign into Google dashboard. Blogger is loading slow. Google having more problems?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chickens Forest Foraging

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There are chickens out there amongst the trees following me as I spent some time this morning raking the driveway clear of leaves.

Pretty funny... I'm raking leaves and they are scratching them up putting large divots all over the place. So quiet... just scratch and rustle noises. Chicken herd passing through?

Things have started to dry out a bit, but there is rain forecast for Wednesday which will make it a day to work on the quilts.

Morgan is going to the groomer... OK... she is back and I'm cold, sleepy, ....going back to bed. Only place I can get warm... alright, that's an excuse.

Kristine just came home and woke me up and let Morgan out. We spent the afternoon asleep. Not getting anything done, but we were warm. Had to put on the little heater.

Morgan's groomer trip left her at least four shades lighter... smells nice too. I tried to get a photo of her standing, but every time I pointed the camera at her she laid down. Taking her photo causes her stress? I gave her cookies after to make up for the trauma.

I will be so happy for some warm weather. Hopefully, my energy will come back. Well, back to sewing and listening to QI.

This would be a great way to start off the day. I'll have to find a cd of this song or I could always just play this video every morning. Love the children!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Early Morning Sun, Morgan and Chickens

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One of the things I love best about the forest is being out in it in the early morning and watching the sunlight make its way through the tree tops to light up patches of the forest floor.

After all the rain and snow the leaf layer on the ground is still wet and the moisture has made the moss very happy.

The chickens are digging up the layers of wet leaves to get down to dirt that they can scratch through to find some tasty grub.

I've noticed that the hens especially like to scratch around the base of the trees. There must be some really good thing to find.

Two more mostly sunny days and then we are back to rain and thunder storms. I am being very lazy and not doing much of anything and I blame it on the weather. I've got lots to do and I want sun and warm days.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Morgan And The Iron Skillet

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The story goes like this:

One morning Kristine heard a strange slurpy noise coming from the kitchen.

She went downstairs and and discovered Morgan licking out the inside of my small iron skillet.

I forgot to put the lid on the skillet and morgan was busy licking out the tasty bacon grease.  I usually at least put the skillet away upside down.

Kristine told Morgan to leave it, but she didn't tell me what Morgan had been up to and I didn't use the small skillet for a week.

Yikes ...rust happened. Morgan, Morgan, Morgan, tsk, tsk... My fault for not putting the skillet away with a lid.

Getting the rust off was not a problem. Add a little oil, a lot of salt and rub it all around for a bit and the rust lifts away.

The problem is that some of the black seasoning lifts away with the rust and the skillet will need to have some new seasoning layers added.

A well seasoned skillet is black, smooth, shiny and works just like a teflon coated skillet.

Here is the little skillet with a few days of cooking and a few new layers of seasoning. It will take a month or so until it is back to the way it was before the Morgan incident.

The dutch oven is cooking meat and gravy for dinner tonight.

It is still raining. No snow except in spots.

Thunder, rain tomorrow, maybe some sun so the chickens can go outside. I'm staying inside.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Snowy Breakfast

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Cooking when the power is out makes for a fun time as I hunt for the long matches to light the gas cook top. In the '40's I used to have the gas stove burn my eyebrows and the hair on my arms off when I would light the oven. So, I never wanted gas and always had electric stoves until I moved up here and decided I really did need a gas cook top for when the power was down. I can always use the wood stove to cook, but the gas cook top is good to have.

Green tea, organic tortilla chips, homemade salsa, and eggs cooked in bacon grease make for a good warming breakfast. I also made french toast and bacon yesterday, but didn't take photos because I was too busy cooking and eating. This photo is of my breakfast yesterday... no photos today because my internet connection is wonky and I'm trying to post while I have a connection.

 There is still lots of snow outside, but it has melted some in the driveway and the chickens are out trying to find sunny spots to warm themselves.

I took the snow/hand photo yesterday morning. We would get more snow during the day, then it would rain and snow, etc., and we still have the same amount of snow today. I wanted to post different photos than these, but I'm having trouble finding thumbs in this user account of iPhoto. I need to do some more searching around to find the correct settings.

I'm going to try and post this now... hopefully the internet connection will be better tomorrow.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yikes! It's Snowing! The Power Was Out! It's May?

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Hard to believe it is the middle of May and it's snowing and the power has been off all day and part of the night. Yesterday was warmish in the sun and the chickens were having a gay old time outside having dust baths.

This morning we woke up to no power and snow... thick snow. The snow doesn't bother me, but I really do miss not having power... no computer.

 The chickens got apple and broccoli, lay pellets and lots of scratch. They are not that happy, but like all the goodies to eat.

The power came back on just before 8:00pm and the phone came back online too. Computer access! Yea!

It would snow, clear a bit and then snow some more. Since the forecast was for rain I really don't know what is going to happen with the weather.

Well, I am glad I didn't spend a lot of money on plants and try and start my garden only to see it all die off from being frozen.

Fluffy Furry Chicken?

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5 Chickens?

Sometimes, Morgan thinks she is a chicken. She loves chicken feed... scratch and lay pellets... doesn't matter what I give the chickens. If the chickens are eating it then she wants some too.  Morgan snuck in some chicken scratch while I was trying to take pictures. Hope she doesn't get a tummy ache.

Of course, there really are "furry" chickens... The Silkie Breed. Click on the link to go to a BackYard Chickens page about them with lots of information and photos.

Fire! Must have fire to heat the house.
After the fire got going, I opened all the dampers.
and set the kitchen timer for fifteen minutes
so I would remember
to close the dampers so I don't burn up the wood and the house.

I love building and making a fire in the wood stove. I suppose that feeling might tap into some primeval fire homage as I give thanks for the fire wood finally catching and holding the flames. I did a happy dance when the fire finally got going after several fizzles. I had a lot of trouble getting the fire to catch today because the fire box was cold since we haven't needed a fire for a few days. It is getting cold again. It shouldn't snow according to the weather forecast, but it might. Stranger things have happened.   

I just found this video and these could be our chickens.

Our chickens come running just like this from the forest to be first to get on the porch when I toss cabbage or other treats out for them to enjoy. I'll have to try and make a video of them this summer or at least get some photos. It all happens so fast it is hard to capture when I have 14 chickens coming at me from all directions. Must do some planning and enlist Kristine to help.

Fire is still going...
It's raining buckets!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Cutting Table

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Blogger is working!
Google said something about restoring posts but I think I will just go ahead and post this photo again. I like having the table placed this way because I love being able to walk around it when I'm cutting out fabric.

I keep the table covered with the drop cloth to keep the dust off and to protect the rulers and the cutting mat. I can scoot the table against the wall to get it out of the way if I want.

I may put up some hooks to hang the rulers and I'm going to get some white table cloths with felt backing and hang them on the wall felt side out so I can stick up fabric blocks as I cut them out.

This is all going to get wet again this weekend.
Next week I am going to try and get outside and do some work even if it is raining. Well, I would like to... but I will probably just wait for some dry weather. 

I've been reading Mercedes Lackey books, watching Inspector Gently on YouTube, answering some email and doing laundry while waiting for Blogger to come back. I did miss not being able to post, and I find that I have developed a need to post. Habit? I missed not being able to read new posts by the blogs I read. Thanks to Google for this free enjoyable outlet. Glad we are all back!

I noticed that some of the comments I left on blogs have not shown up... lost? I guess I will wait awhile longer before trying to comment.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sunshine But Cold

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Last week I made curtains. I know I said I wouldn't, but I needed curtains to keep the sun from shining on my cutting board and cause it to warp.  And it will be good to have the curtains there to keep the sun off my sewing machine. 

My sewing machine is under the grey cover. Not much room there, but it will have to do for awhile. The treadle, Lovey, is still in need of some repair. I need to repaint the table top.

Some of the chickens are missing feathers and look like they are molting again. I did some reading and found some mention of chickens molting twice a year, not at all, or whenever.

The chickens are out and about, but I'm waiting for warmer weather before I get out and do some outside work. We are supposed to have another sunny day, then clouds and rain for the weekend.

I'm trying out this "curtain" to block off the doorway to keep the cool air in the room in the summer.  These two back rooms stay much cooler in the summer because they are on the shady side of the house.

Well, hopefully this room will stay cooler now that I can trap the cool air. Morgan thinks the curtain is fun.

I love this material, but never knew exactly what to do with it! The fabric was hand woven by Indians in South America. My friends mother bought the fabric in the 60's+- when she was on a tour. It is a long piece (doubled here over a tension rod.) I didn't want to cut it or hang it in the window as a curtain and let it get sun damaged so this is a good use for the fabric until I can get a door. Or not.

Well, back to trying to figure out how to get to the thumbnails in iPhoto in the other user account.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sheep Apron

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I finished two aprons. One was a chicken theme apron made to this pattern. I wish I had taken photos, but Kristine was going to be seeing the dear lady that gave me the fabric, so I gave her all the items in a
big hurry. No photos.

But I must say I love these silly sheep. The apron is lined with the pink that matches the sheep's ears so well. Kristine won't model the apron so I laid it out on the cutting table I have covered with a dust throw.

I moved things around in my sewing/computer room and got rid of a lot of clutter and stuff that had ended up stored away there and lost.

I still need a sewing table. It is very nice feeling without all the stuff in the way. I still have some things to go through.

As far as the computer not having sound when I use the DVD player... I figured out how to get sound!

I was watching YouTube and there was sound, so I thought there should be sound for the movies.

There are two user accounts set up on this computer... the old one and the new one and I have been using the old account with all my bookmarks, etc.

So, I got to thinking that maybe the new account had the correct settings and that was it... the DVD player works on the new account. I guess there is some code in the kernel that wasn't changed on the old account?
I'm not messing around changing code, so I exported my bookmarks to the new account and I'm setting up iPhoto.

I am having trouble figuring out why the thumbnail option in iPhoto doesn't show up. I'll keep looking.

But, I'm very happy to be able to watch movies again... I think I will watch Red again and actually watch the screen. I listened to it while I was sewing. I finished all the Maisie Dobbs books except for the 2011 book. It has a long hold list at the library.

Hope it is sunny tomorrow.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Hail And Rainy May

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It was sunny/cloudy this morning,
then cloudy, then rain, then hail.
Then it got sunny/cloudy again.

The hail was the size of marbles.
It is trying to be Spring out there, but it's having trouble.

The chickens didn't mind the hail or rain. They were happy to be outside!

But it was the thunder that got my attention. It was loud and close. There was one blast of thunder that fairly shook the house. I unplugged the computer and spent time reading Maisie Dobbs books.

Kristine couldn't get something to get the speakers hooked up. Going to have to work on that. She did pick up some jeans we ordered. They didn't have them in the length we needed.

I think I will have leftover Thai food for dinner. Good stuff!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Stuff That Happened

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Thank you for the beautiful computer!!!
 I can't thank you know who you are enough for all the care and hard work! 

Happy Mother's Day to me and all our dear Mothers.

Happy Mother's Day Kathleen!!!
I'll call you tomorrow.
Love You!!!

Here are some of the things that happened during the five weeks my computer was getting rebuilt:

I hung drapes... sheers on a rod,
drapes on a tension rod inside the window.
When I was a child I was taught that sheers were to be hung against the window and the drapes were to be hung over them and were to puddle on the floor. Well, no puddling here. I love these sheers and their embroidery is so pretty and delicate. Sooo, I hung them up this way so I can see them all the time. I'm so bad. I love breaking the rules.

Kristine made up Easter decorations
that children at the libraries could put together.
I love crafty stuff!
Those cotton ball bunnies are so cute!


Yep! Snow in April.
It was April 14th and the rain turned to snow.
We are not supposed to get freezes after May, but we remember snow in June a few years ago. So, I am very unsure about planting the garden until late May. Sure doesn't leave much of a growing season.

I love making ginger tea. The only down side is peeling the ginger root. My latest ploy is to use a spoon to scrape off the peel and then cut the root in large pieces, and then chuck it all in a freezer bag and freeze the lot. When I want ginger for tea I take a piece out and use a microplane and grate it into a cup and then add hot water, lemon and honey. So good. Makes me sweat though if I drink too much. Sweat? Uhhh... glow? Some people grate the ginger up all at once and freeze it ready to use.

My latest trick with the ginger is to add some to ginger ale and put it in the fridge to sit overnight. Wow... tastes so good... instead of a sugar water flavor there is a real ginger beer flavor. The best ginger ale I have tasted is from Australia... and hard to find.

Computer news: Everything works wonderfully on the computer! It is all brand new and up to date! Fast and a dream!!! Only one little glitch... the old power cord doesn't have the correct connector for the sound. Kristine is going to see about getting a new cord or adaptor tomorrow.

Well, this is enough news for today... more tomorrow.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Computer Is Back Home!!!

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Happy Day!
Just got my computer back!
It is fast!

Enough of this laying around!

I'll be posting tomorrow!