Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quick Post - WWII Ideas

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Time for a quick post of a link to Victory Gardening and WWII ideas. I don't think I have posted it before.

I've still got the sore throat, but went out and screened soil for the planter beds anyway. I hope I won't be sorry.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Broody Hen And Kittens

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Update: Tues., June 22, 2010
11 eggs today! Kathleen and I are sick. Achy, sore throat, phooey, what kind of a deal is this.
Hope we get well quick.

Here is another YouTube video. I'm taking advantage of YouTube until I can post again.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

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Wishes for all to have a Happy Day!

No time to write a post, so I will post a YouTube video someone made. Kinda neat. I'll hopefully be back posting next week.

Monday, June 14, 2010

DSL Is Fixed! (Update added)

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June 18, 2010 - Update - Spending time with daughter and grandkids. Kathleen got her hair cut today... bangs! I smashed a chicken the day before... the fence thingy I put up to keep Morgan out of the coop fell over and trapped a hen. Kristine saved the chicken and the hen is ok now. The sickly Wyandotte is moving faster and seems to be feeling better. The chickens and Morgan are out and about the property and the fox has not been back. I did keep the chickens locked up on Sunday when most of the fox attack seem to occur... when people lock up their dogs when they go to church?

Photo --- Tristan feeding treats to the chickens on the porch.

Amazing how the days fly by when there are children around to keep you busy. I'm clearing paths to use to pull the kids around in the garden wagon. The mosquitos love the kids even though they are covered with mosquito repellent. Sometimes I think the stuff attracts the mosquitos. I don't wear any bug stuff. The mosquitos don't seem to like me and I keep moving. If I stand in one place and say, water the garden, then the mosquitos will bite.

No photo, but Kristine's birthday chocolate cake is very good. I had another piece tonight after dinner. I could eat the whole cake!

I hope to resume regular posting in a week. The new blogger design feature is interesting, but I will have to wait until I have time to play with it. Thanks for the comments!

DSL just went out again... working now. No idea what the problem is. This started out to be a sentence or two. I should have made a new post.


June 14th --- Just a quick post. The repair person came out to the house to check the DSL and then left to do something back at the office. Whatever he did restored our internet to our delight and at no cost.

Amazing how much I miss not having the ability to connect to what is going on in the world when the connection to the internet is out.

This photo is of the grandkids meeting and greeting an alligator up close and personal.

The alligator was rather calm considering all the kids and noise... although the alligator did provide an original moment earlier when he peed on the table. Wow! The kids got to see alligator pee. They all thought that was pretty cool.

This Wyandotte is not doing very well. She has droopy wing feathers and is moving slow. We are watching her and so is her Buff buddy who is keeping her company. They are sunning themselves on the porch near Morgan who is by the door on the right. I only got her tail in the photo. 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Help At Last!

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We have no internet service!

Currently I'm posting outside the library, which has 24 hour wireless! So, I'll post when I can get a chance. Hopefully the internet service will be up this week sometime.

Thank you!!

Tristan helped me move the compost pile!

I took the wire off and we forked the pile over into the new wire form.

Next time I will not put so many sticks and stones at the bottom because it made moving the material more difficult.

We filled up a feed sack with loose straw.
Tristan added it to the pile.

He carefully spread it around.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Fun At The Playground

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After voting we stopped by the park playground and let the children run around and have some fun. I really like this playground equipment. It is well thought out and it's grouped according to ages. The only downer was that the swings were in the sun and too hot to use.

We will have to come back when it is cooler or when the swings are in the shade.

It would be so neat if we had a swing set or a tire swing, but the kids don't seem too interested in the idea of a tire swing.

I think if the tire swing was going to be hanging from a tree limb it would be more appealing, but the trees around here all grow very tall... no side branches for a swing. A tire hanging from a garage support is just not that cool.

The slide was not too warm and Jaidan, with a little help from Mom, made it down the slide with no trouble.

He was very pleased with himself because, all by himself,  he could make it up and down the stairs, climb up the climbing ramp, run on the gangway, and then ring the bell. He was a happy little boy.

Tristan and Rhiannon had more fun on the  equipment for the older kids.

Tristan climbed up a rock climbing wall and seemed to like the view from the top of the slide.

Rhiannon followed her big brother and he was there to help her out.

It was a bit hot so we didn't stay too long and left for home and lunch. Then Rhiannon worked very hard and helped me rake up leaves on a path. She is so sweet. Tristan and Rhiannon helped with feeding the chickens and collecting eggs.

Trying to make sure they didn't get sunburned, mosquito bitten or in the poison oak did take a bit of the fun out of things, but we will adjust. I'm sure it is more stressful for the adults than the kids.

Peek at the Past
Pillows come in handy.

[7 eggs today]


Sunday, June 06, 2010

They're Here!

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Tristan, the vampire from Twilight, his sister, Rhiannon loves to dance, his little brother Jaiden loves to do everything and his Grandma and Mamma  kissing. Photos and captions by Tristan the vampire (well, except for Tristan's photos... his Mom took that one.) He loves those red eyes!

How To Skin A Rabbit

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Kathleen called and she is going to be late arriving so I have time to post. I found these three videos yesterday when I was looking on YouTube for the Digging for Victory video. There are three in this series and from what I can tell from the internet the series was made in 1993 and there were eight episodes made.

This first video shows how to steam a dinner in one pot using muslin and among other things also shows how they steamed dirt to kill bugs and weed seeds.

The second video shows the lady skinning a rabbit. Wish I could find an old film about raising chickens.

Here is a link to the third video that shows what things were like at the end of WWII.

Wow! Little Messy Missy gave Kristine an Award. Kristine was so surprised. See, Kristine, I keep telling you that you are a good writer and to post more often.

(June 6, 2009)


Saturday, June 05, 2010

Christmas In June

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Our house is hidden in the woods so we enjoy our icicle lights all year long. I don't have to worry about the neighbors and what they think. The lights are fun, they make a great night light and the lights make a great surprise for the grandkids. 

I've been going around the house gathering up stuff and putting it out of the way. I kid proofed my house when my children were small, but this house and the woods are not at all kid proof. I still have stuff to put away tomorrow before they get here.

Kristine brought some macaroon cookies home and they are so very, very good. I want another one! I love cocoanut. I guess I will have to settle for a piece of toast with honey. Or... some chocolate?

I was watching one of my favorite videos again today, a war time Dig For Victory film, that shows people planting gardens. 

 I got to thinking about different ways to start and then set out seedlings (I am saving toilet paper tubes to use to set seeds) and I thought about using egg shells. I guess everyone knows about this but me. I found this eHow site that explains how to use egg shells to set seeds.

(June 5, 2009)
It is supposed to be in the 80's tomorrow.

[7 eggs today]


Friday, June 04, 2010


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My younger daughter and grandkids are going to be visiting for a couple of weeks. As time allows I will continue to post.

All the rain has made for lots of green ivy. The plan was for the ivy to completely cover the wire fence and create an ivy wall. It has taken about eight years and most of the fence is covered with ivy or bushes. I like all the green.

Morgan is checking the tree for squirrels. She spends a lot of her day checking out the trees and tracing the squirrel scent tracks from tree to tree. Sometimes the squirrels will chatter at her which leads to her barking and then me yelling at her to "leave it."

The chickens are still locked up. It rained last night and is supposed to again today. The forecast is for warmer weather, but I don't believe the forecast anymore. I'll let the chickens out if the weather really does turn nice and the kids and I can stay outside with the hens. Hopefully, we will all be making enough noise to scare the fox away.

I'm going to have to make sure the kids stay out of the poison oak because you can get poison oak from the stems that are left over winter and the new growth is now coming up. I really, really, don't want them to get poison oak. It is a pretty plant and doesn't look dangerous. Here is a YouTube video about how to identify, guard against and treat poison oak, sumac and ivy. The video is not entertaining, but it does have some good information, photos and advice.

Kristine saw the therapist today, there is injury from the accident that will need care. We got our hair cut yesterday. Kristine got a trim, but my hair is really short. Maybe I could go to the barber next time. Wonder if that's cheaper?

I was planning on taking some photos when I was out, but the weather is so overcast there wasn't much point. 
(June 4, 2009)

[7 eggs today]