Monday, January 19, 2009

23 Blocks

(photos are clickable)

23 blocks cut out.
Hopefully, I can get at least another 7 blocks
out of the remaining scraps.

It is taking me so long to get these block sewn
that I think I must be doing something wrong.

Before I can start the Japanese quilt
I have to get these scraps out of here!

I am amazed and impressed with all the quilters
I read about (on their blogs)
who seem to whip quilts together with the speed
of making biscuits.
And they make such beautiful quilts!

I'm about a fourth of the way along
the back fence path.
There are a lot of pines along here
which means less oak leaves.

Doesn't this look good!
It was delicious.

My husband got us pizza for dinner
and cake for dessert!
Pretty neat, huh!

He also got a squash for the chickens
because we are going to keep them locked up tomorrow.
Morgan needs a day off.
She ran her little feet sore today chasing around and around
a storage area after something.

I was working and didn't miss her
until she had already run herself sick and tired.
My daughter was warned when she got Morgan
that Border Collies can work themselves
to death so they need to be watched
and stopped if they get too excited about something.

We finally missed her and went out walking the property
looking for her and found her running back and forth
and around and around.
She must have been after the ? for hours.

So, tomorrow Morgan stays in the house
on her bed and rests!
The chickens can stay in their pen and
play with and eat and peck the squash.
That should keep them busy.
No eggs today.

And I will rake some more
and make more blocks.

And maybe I can talk my daughter
into holding some chickens
while I take their pictures
so I can make a post
all about our chickens.


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