Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Small Job A Day

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My plan is to accomplish at least one small job a day.
This way I won't get discouraged and
give up.

Today = the refrigerator...

Top of refrigerator and animals clean. The cow and Wilber survived the Loma Pieta 1989 earthquake. Kinda chipped a bit but all in one piece. The house didn't fair so well.

And I will have a little bit to blog about.However, boring it may be.

But, I will actually be  doing something
which is way better 
than me doing

Myrtle and berry bushes.

The extra rainfall and snow this winter
has made the plants very happy.
I don't remember this much growth in the Spring.

There is a job waiting for me.
That all needs cutting back.
And the path needs clearing to the porch.

Hope the rainfall continues
and California doesn't experience more drought.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Spring Blog Post 2016

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I hope this will be the first of many posts this year.
There are lots of projects around here
that need attention.

Clean sparkly counters!

I needed to clean the clutter off my kitchen counters
and scrub the counters clean.

These counters may still look cluttered
but they are way more organized and much cleaner.

The refrigerator is scheduled to be on the task list tomorrow.

My eye surgery had some problems
but I am doing well and getting used to the change in vision.

I used to be able to see up close but not far away.
Now after about 20 inches I can see great but up close
I need to wear glasses.
Friday I am going to pick up some prescription glasses
for close work so I can get back to sewing and knitting, etc.

We still have two old hens (an Australorp and a Buff Brahma)
that are in the coop and run all the time
 because of predators.

I do miss the chickens free ranging in the woods
(and fresh eggs)
but losing them to foxes, etc.
is very upsetting.
So, we are going to keep these two locked up and safe.

We do need a new coop and run so we
won't be getting any new chickens
until that is ready.