Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Past - 2008

I have finished cutting out all my chickens
and their parts
and now I am matching them up color wise.

I do need to cut out some eggs.

I also made a plan using OmniGraffle
 for a chicken quilt to use up some of these chickens.
It is just an idea for spacing
but I will put it away with the chickens
to work on after I finish the Japanese quilt
for my daughter.

Well, it won't be really a Japanese quilt.
Just one using Japanese style fabric but I do want to incorporate
some designs that I have found in old Japanese scroll paintings.

But, in the meantime I would like to show you
my wonderful wood stove.
It keeps us toasty warm.
And it burns up the smoke.
If you look at the chimney outside you can't see any smoke.

We use it to heat the house and so my husband
makes sure we have enough wood to last the winter.
Sometimes I cook on it
using my iron dutch ovens.
We keep a big pot of water on the stove
to keep the air humidified.

Morgan has her doggie dishes next to the stove
and the space underneath is for wood
that I burned because I didn't
want to go outside in the cold.

I wanted to post these next photos
of the snow of Christmas 2008
so they will be in the blog
when I get it printed.

The greenhouse and the wood storage buildings
are behind the porch swing.

I like this picture with the big snowy branches.

This is a view out my kitchen window
toward the motor home.

The motor home is worth a post or five.
We lived in it after the 1989 earthquake
"broke" our house in the Santa Cruz mountains.

This view is out of the sewing/computer room.

The old screen door helps keep some of the snow off the car.

I do like the snowy branches.

Snow is beginning to cover everything.

These two photos show some of the large snow flakes.
Well, you can't really see the flakes,
but you can see that they are big enough to photograph.

There are only small spots of snow left on the ground now
(in shady areas)
like in the photo on the sidebar.

Soon I am going to go out and start raking up the leaves
and making paths
partly to cut down on fire danger in the summer
and partly to use for walks.
I have been waiting for most of the leaves to fall.
I really don't like having to rake it all up
three or four times.


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