Saturday, August 01, 2009

Old Pins

Here are some of the old timey clothespins that came with the old clothespins bag. I especially like the two on the right and the ones with the metal wire around the top of the opening. I suppose the wire was to cut down on the possibility of the clothespin splitting.

These may not be old clothespins because I know they sell clothespins like this for craft projects. However, I would like to think that they have been around for awhile and are still giving good service. I really like them!
And here a view of an old table I found at a yard sale. It has a drawer in the middle on one side. I don't know if it was originally painted or not, but I just love the old table. I moved the table out on the porch so I can use it when I hang up laundry or to hold a cup of tea when I sit in the swing seat.

I fed the hens watermelon rinds and lettuce today for treats.

[11 eggs today]
1 egg found in the dirt.


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lisa said...

We love to find old tables and try to refinish even if they need alot of refinish!!