Thursday, August 27, 2009

Morgan Eating Lettuce?

Morgan is licking her chops... chicken?
I don't know what she was eating, maybe it was chicken feed. Kristine and I checked her foot tonight and the area where it was stitched is healed, but it looks strange. So, we will give the vet a call tomorrow and get some advice.

Kristine almost didn't get home because of another fire causing the road to be closed. The fire is covering 30 acres and is on our side of the river. Hope they can get control of the fire tonight when it is relatively cool. It must be horrid fighting fires in 90 degree weather. I checked again and the fire is 75 percent contained. There are over 200 firefighters working with lots of equipment and air support. They plan to get the fire out tonight. There are so many homes and towns nearby that they are doing all they can to get the fire under control. We are very grateful to all the firefighters who risk their lives for all of us.

Morgan followed me into the pen, when I was feeding the hens their lettuce treat. I know Morgan likes to chew on grass, but I really don't think she likes lettuce. I used to have a doberman pinscher who loved to eat lettuce if it was covered with italian dressing. I do miss my dobes. They are so smart and loving. I know that is not the image they are stuck with.

I worked a little bit on my window seat and cut some wood, but quit because it was too hot. Hey, I'm old, I need to take it slow in the heat. I'll get to moving faster when it gets cooler.

[5 eggs today]



lisa said...

My dog eats the strangest things also! Take care and I am glad that the fires are being contained!

Tanya said...

Yes. Firefighters are angels in helmets carrying hoses.