Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ouch! Poor Morgan :(

Poor baby! See the sock on Morgan's foot? I don't know when she injured her foot, but I noticed she was limping this afternoon just before Kristine called to say she was on her way home. So, I got a bucket of warm water and soaked her foot until Kristine got home, which was a good thirty minutes. When Kristine got home she brought me a sock and after I dried Morgan's foot we got the sock on despite Morgan's cries of pain.

We took a good look at her pads first and could see that she has a combination puncture and tear wound inbetween two of her pads. Kristine called the vet and he said that we had done all the right things and it would be best to bring her in tomorrow morning. We are not to feed her because she will have to be sedated because they will have to probe the wound and maybe suture it?

We are very careful not to leave anything around that she could cut herself on, but this wound could have been from stepping on a broken branch on a down tree limb. I hope all the soaking will have helped. Tom or Kristine will take Morgan to the vets in the morning.

The chickens are going to have to stay in their coop and pen unless we are outside with them until Morgan is all healed up and able to guard them. Morgan gets to sleep downstairs with me since we don't want her to fall down the stairs.

I spent most of the day washing windows and screens. The outside. Tomorrow I get to wash the windows on the inside. I love clean windows!

Tom got a lot of lettuce and veggies for the chickens. I put an eggplant, a tomato, and a nectarine in their pen. Happy chickens!

[4 eggs so far today]


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lisa said...

I hope morgan is ok, you can come do my windows!! It is so easy for the animals to hurt themselves on the simplest things. I remember Sirocco cutting his leg in the winter and for the life of me I could not find out how he did it. Same thing, I make sure things aren't laying around because horses are sooooo accident prone!!