Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kristine... Where Are You...

Morgan knows! Morgan follows Kristine or perhaps herds her? Poor Kristine knows no peace. Wanna bet that Kristine is on the other side of the door? Morgan has been watching the chickens and is doing a great job and she is not limping on her wounded foot.
This is my quick way of fixing dinner. Chicken and broccoli. After I turn the chicken the first time I put the broccoli in with a cup of water and put the lid on until the broccoli is done. I had a lot more fun cooking when the girls were young, but now I mostly cook fresh vegetables, meat and once in a while rice or noodles. Nothing exciting. I love to eat and by keeping meals simple I find that I can keep my weight down.

Not much happening today!
[8 eggs today]


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lisa said...

Boy, do I wish I could keep mine down. I have gained five pounds in the last 4 months!! I think it is the premenapausel stuff!