Saturday, August 15, 2009

Poor Chickens

I'm in the coop collecting eggs this afternoon. The hens are remarkably calm and nice to each other considering that they are used to being out and about in the woods during the day. Morgan is doing well today. She hasn't messed with her bandage. She woke Kristine up three times last night. The first two times she nosed Kristine and then held her paw up for Kristine to see. I guess it was hurting. Awwwww. The third time she wanted out to potty. So, Kristine put her in with me, so she could get some sleep. Poor Morgan. I remembered to take her out today.
There are two hens sitting on this one nest area. Some of the hens like their own private spot to lay and other like to gang up and lay together. The most I have seen is three hens crowded together.
All the hens are either out in the pen or in a nest box except for these two, who are on the top roost. They are getting first dibs. The other night I counted ten hens crammed up there on the top. Amazing, but there are three or four hens who like to sleep on the ground.

I am still sheet rocking and will be painting tomorrow. Tom got the flat paint for the walls today, so I can always paint walls. I was hoping for some wood to use for finish work, but I will make do with sheet rock. Amazing what you can do with sheet rock. I'll take some photos when I get finished.

[8 eggs today]


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Tanya said...

Oh dear. I have been late visiting and am just reading about Morgan's injury. Such a good dog and so patient. It makes me smile to imagine what loving care you give her. Lucky dog and lucky chickens too! Give Morgan a pat for me. I hope she'll be completely well soon.