Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fire is Back!

Everything seems very peaceful after all the excitement last night. Kristine says my boots and some of the chickens smell like skunk. I couldn't sleep last night. Too much adrenaline I guess, so I spent most of the night reading and then slept in late to wake to news of a fire down the mountain in a nearby city.
They are having a terrible time trying to get some control of the fire because of the wind that is blowing the fire all over. Right now the fire is near a hospital and the airport. Very scary! I'm going back to watch the news. Wind and fire are a very, very bad combination. The heat and fire are bad enough. I was in the Bel-Aire Fire in 1961 that burned thousands of acres and it was driven by wind too. I hope the wind shuts down tonight and gives the firefighters a chance to contain the blaze.

[4 eggs today]

Good thoughts for the Firemen
and everyone in town.

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lisa said...

Hope the fire doesn't reach you! Keep us updated!