Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Morgan is not happy with her sock. Kristine and I put the sock over her bandage to cut down on the chances of Morgan taking off the bandage again. The vet said that since dogs sweat between their pads that the sock should be ok as long as the sock let the air through. The vet also said that she put gauze between the pads to allow for air flow and that Morgan probably didn't like the feeling and that is why she took the second bandage off. The vet told Kristine to tape the sock on with the tape going up the leg as that would hold better than taping around the leg. Seems to work. The sock is still on. Two more days and back to the vet on Friday. Tom will take her. He is visiting his Mom on his birthday. Kristine and I get to eat the cake!
Tom put up a new ceiling light
and things were looking bright.
And then it went off again and then back on.
Here is my latest project. I built the window seat, drawers and hutch. Now I'm in the process of putting on the finishing touches. I wanted to put wood across the bottom. This is a trial piece of sheet rock to see what it would look like. I think I will take it off and cut a piece of plywood the same size to put behind it for strength. I also need to build some shelves for the hutch part. I found the windows in an antique store. I'll build the shelves last because I haven't figured out exactly how I'm going to do that.

[7 eggs today]


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lisa said...

That is beautiful! I so, wish that I was able to do that kind of thing!! I can fend for myself pretty good but not very crafty with building things!!