Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rain? You've Got To Be Kidding

Does this look like it rained last night? No. Not to me either. I was asleep and woke up to the sound of rain. Rain? It was almost 100 degrees yesterday, so how could that be rain? It must be wind, but it was rain. Great big rain drops, wind, and branches falling out of the trees.
My miter saw! I jumped out of bed and hurried out to cover the saw. I got my plastic paint drop and used that to cover the saw, which was not very wet. Then this morning I took the tarp off the chicken pen and used it to cover the saw and table. I had left the saw uncovered for awhile to dry out before I covered it up. It has been too hot for me to get anything done. I have been waiting for the temp to go down out of the 90's. The heat is oppressive and I melt and can't get anything done.
I still need to paint these shelves, but this is what I did with one of the baskets I painted. My kitchen is small with limited counter and shelf space. I'm still building in there. So, the spice basket works out well for me as a space saver. I took the doors off the cabinets to open the area up. I may paint them and put them back or not. I haven't decided.
The other basket is holding guest bath supplies: soap, bath scrubbies, shampoos, etc.

[8 eggs today]
I put the chicken feed in the barrel
tonight before I locked up the chickens.
Got to keep the feed dry
and I have to wonder how much feed
the forest critters eat?
I may save feed if I keep this up.


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lisa said...

I love baskets, my husband keeps asking my what are you going to do with that when I buy them!