Friday, August 14, 2009

New Bandage

Morgan had to go back to the vets today to have her bandage redone. She wasn't bothering the old bandage, but she took the tape off of the new one. Kristine held Morgan and I re-taped the top and bottom of the bandage. We are watching her to make sure she leaves it alone. We are concerned that when they did the re-bandaging today they put the new bandage on too tight?
I always wanted a glass pane door here, but have given up waiting and today I put up sheet rock, metal corner strips, and put on joint compound. It is going to need another application of joint compound before I paint. I'm going to hang a curtain eventually in the doorway. I did more washing windows outside. I still haven't gotten to the inside window.
I painted this door last night with semi-gloss. Tom was going to get me a can of flat today, but he can't leave Morgan in the car while he shops, so no paint. I've got other stuff to do. The hallway is kinda narrow, or at least it feels that way, and I was always hitting my hand on the doorknob. So, I found a closet doorknob that has a little twisty handle on the inside and put it on the outside. No more banging my hand on the knob. The water heater lives in there.

[12 eggs today]


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